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The Beatles

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. the beatles.Often Refered to people as the greatest rock and roll bands ever or the band that changed music 4ever.and i'll tell you why. the beatles consisted of: Ringo star on Drums Paul McArtney on bass and lead vocals George Harrison on lead guitar and lead vocals And last but not least John lennon on lead guitar and lead vocals. The beatles could play any thing They could play rock like hard days night, hard rock like helter skelter, blues like come together, ballads like when i'm 64 and folk like yellow submarine.the beatlesstarted in the 60's with stuff like hard days night and later into the 70's with stuff like come together which like psycadellic rock. plus they could all write songs. ringo wrote yellow submarine, george whote helter skelter along with paul mcArtney, john lennon wrote hard day's night and come together and paul could write an excellent ballad like when I'm 64. I hope that sums up why they are so great.

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