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richard collins

"Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. NO man comes to the Father, but through Him." Hi. My name is Richard Collins and I was put on this earth to worship and glorify my Risen Savior and Lord...Jesus Christ! He called me to the ministry of preaching His truth so that men and women around the world would be saved. I believe it is time that today's christians in America step up to the plate. We need to get out of our attitude of complacency and into the war. We need to quit being scared of terrorists and death and what not, and trust in Christ and believe that since He died for us...we should be willing to die for Him. He is worth far more than we could ever give. All praise be to the God of Heaven and of Earth. The one true God, Yahweh. God has also called me to minister through music. I play mainly a praise and worship style music, mixing hymns, praise songs, and my own material. God has blessed me with the passion for youth. I read a story of how a man was arrested because he was a pastor in a communist country. He was told if he told them the names of his church members he would be set free. He said no, knowing that they would kill his flock. So they brought his son before him and beat his son. They asked him again and he said no. They continued to pummel his child. Finally, he gave in and said, "Son I can't take this any longer. I must tell them." He son respnded, "Father do not give me the displeaure of having a traitor as a father. Stay true to your faith and I will die here witht he words of Christ on my lips." The communist were enraged and fell upon the child beating him to death! That is the kind of faith our youth need in this generation and that is the kind of powerful faith I wish to present. As for adults, the same book covers them as well. Communist police officers came into a underground church meeting with their guns raised and yelled, "Those who are not willing to die for their faith move to this side of the room." They did and then were asked to leave. After they left the police officers confessed that they too were believers, but only wished to worhip with those who were willing to die for their faith. That is the powerful faith that we must possess in our lives. A faith that is willing to forsake the comfort of our padded church pews and freedom of religion and to stand for what is right in a country that is on a downward spiral and to take a faith that is willing to die to countries where is it illegal to be saved. Richard Wurmbrand lived in America for twenty years and said this, "I found true joy in the Christian life only in the Bible, the underground church, and in prison." So what are we missing? What is so different between American christians and those in foreign countries. That is what I address in my ministry.