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HI! This is my fansite 4 my favorite band Relentless THeory I love every band really but right now this 1 is my favorite! Its sooo kool and they r really good. I love all of the band members and i hate 2 pick a favorite but Alex is lol Hes hot and he looks really kool...The band is really good at some of those links that i have on here you can go listen to them and like sign there guest book and stuff. THey r not famous yet but they will be they r really good! You'll see what i mean when u listen to them! NEWAY they r a Metal/Experimental/Alternative band So if u like that kind of stuff you should check them out! There websites are still under construction but you will be able to learn about them soon. Well I cant wait until they get big i would be like the first 1 to buy there album Im hoping when im old enough i can be there photographer or something that would be kool... NEWAY Ill tell you a little about me My name is Ariana but i hate that name so every1 calls me watermellon and no my name is not that in a perverted way thats my name because Watermellon is Pink and green and my favorite colors are hot pink and neon green and i think thats a really cool word and like it has a W and a M in it so if u turn the W over its an M and if you turn the M around its a W and pluss WM is like Wrestle Mania and i watch wrestling and stuff yea my brother said im like that Bowling 4 soup song the girl thats watching wrestling listening to rap metal and stuff. Well I have a really minor case or Schizophrenia it will be gone in a year or two because as you get older it gets better and better if you dont know what Schizophrenia is well I only have a few symptoms since its a minor case like ok I like Wrestling and Care bears and blood and Tellutubies because i have more than 1 Personality and when i eat like onions or something to me sometimes it tastes like bubble gum or something lol its weird and like I cant face reality like when i was littler i used to think i could talk to people with my mind and i kept on thinking if i went outside at night i would get abducted by aliens and stuff and thats why i would always go outside for hours and stuff cuz i loved star wars and star trek and stuff i thought it was real and i used to think there were monsters under my bead and stuff when i was like 14 and stuff lol now when i think about it its like funny and stuff but im not like that anymore its getting better. Ok well go check Resentless Theory out they rock!

Ways 2 learn about Relentless Theory so far

U can learn about the music and stuff here
right now this is under constuction but u can sign there guestbook here