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The Hibernation Of Rawn's music

8/29/04- Well whats up everybody. After many months of failure, I am taking some time off from trying to start a band. I will start up again in the winter, but decided to take the rest of the summer and fall off. I will continue to write songs, and make some tabs, but not many, because I am not good at that. I have finally decided how I want the band I want to be part of to be like. I want it to be known for 1 thing that is made up of 2 different things. I want people to know us as a band that has a wide variety of alot of stuff. The 2 things I was talking about are one being known for melodic metal type shit for the metal crowd, and then a band with crazy breakdowns and what not. But never to combine them into one band. As much as I am a fan of metalcore, It is kinda the nu-metal of today. Well anyways, I will be keeping you guys updated with stuff here. Check back every now and then.