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Jousting Tournament Comming Along!!!
While hunting remains the favorite sport of our nobility, the jousting tournament this season seems to be by far the most avidly attended organized activity. Having picked the two different teams (each group with over a hundred knights on each side) under the royal crown administration, the tournament will take place at last on July 11 of this year. The Bloody Sleepers have a great start with one of the best knights of the moment, Pat Lambke, who has enjoyed his victory along with the rest of his team for the last two consecutive years. On the other hand, the Violent Prophets have among their skilled kinghts (which includeWayne Hurst from London and Richard Younge from Scottland) the most valuable and well known horse, Hercules. This will definetely be a rough game. Both groups will chase each other over an open area that will consist of several hundred acres, and they will attempt to unhorse each other with a lance, sword, or simply fancy riding as it has been traditionally done. As you might already know, last year's tournament ended with twenty deaths in overall and with ten percent of the participants injured. For this reason, this time knights will wear additional padding under their armor as protection. Bets have increased more than ever, especially because several kinghts with impressive reputations will be in action. This tournament is expected to be a one of a kind display.

Winner of the Braemar race gives Scottland a new messenger!
Malcolm Canmore, one of the royal nobles, chose a new messenger for the court in last week's Braemar Gathering. A large field was assembled to race to the top of Craig Chionich, the mountain which overlooks Braemar. The favourites were two brothers McGregor. But after the race had started another younger brother appeared and was given permission to give chase.Off he set bounding up the hill and long before the top had overtaken all but his elder brothers. He offered to share the prizes which included a purse of gold coin. "Each man for himself," came the dour reply. The youngster moved into second place. "Halves and Ill yield," he offered. "Never, winner take all."As the finishing line approached the youngest McGregor overtook his brother. With a desperate lunge the elder grabbed the boys kilt to hold him back. It was no use. Showing speed of thought to match that of his legs the young McGregor loosened the buckles of his kilt and won the race kiltless. There is nothing to say whether he was wearing traditional highland underpants and so set an early record for streaking into the bargain.

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble...
So often have we heard of the wierd apparitions of certain spirits and the works of the devil in men's world. Who would think that even our king Macbeth agrees with their existence. It is rumored that he was given knowledge of certain prophecies by three witches. Where the witches even real? What exactly did they tell him? "Round about the cauldron go; In the poison'd entrails throw. Toad, that under cold stone Days and nights hast thirty-one Swelter'd venom sleeping got, Boil thou first i' the charmed pot. Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble," was what some of the rumormongers answered to this question but other things remain uncertain. It appears to the eyes of many that the works of the devil and darkness might have found their way into our kingdom. People fear for the new king's actions and wonder if they are related to the unexpected death of king Duncan. However, these are only expeculations that cannot be prooved. Even so, the advice that I encourage the readers of this article to consider is this: Tales told that misty and darkening evening included one of a gentleman whom witches said would be king. After murdering the current ruler, he was soon captured, tortured, and with the aid of a white-hot crown, he received a brand on his forehead -- "King of Traitors." So since witches seem to be around, just be careful what you wish for.

Scottish Pride!
So much is happening in the early years' world at present and this edition of Early Years' Matters gives just a glimpse of current policy and practice developments. Scotland is in the forefront of many developments:
*artists and childcarers are learning together
*parents and staff are developing science packs to share at home and reporting to parents is becoming more meaningful
*the ICT strategy is moving forward and this year's SETT will have much of interest for early years' practitioners
*guidance for those working with children birth to three will be published in late summer
*there is the excitement of seeing examples from practice in Edinburgh used to illustrate a recent publication.
Scotland has much to celebrate but much to reflect upon. Lilian Katz underlines the need for us all to be reflective practitioners the more we know the more we know we have much more to learn. As we go to press we are awaiting the launch of the Early Years Integrated Strategy from SEED but already there are indications of how the policy will develop and how local practice is already in position to implement the strategy. Early Years' Matters tries to bring you the most up-to-date information about good practice in Scotland. The different themes in this newsletter emerged separately yet each is based on partnership; working in partnership is already a reality in many areas. These exciting times will continue and Early Years' Matters aims to provide food for celebration and food for thought.