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Project Are You Listening, formed in early October of 2004, was created with musicians and fans alike in mind. In today's society we find that corporations are dictating what artists and songs"befit" our station's airways. As listeners, most are unhappy. Taylor Hanson, of Hanson, has repeatedly made a speech calling all fans to action. In his speech, Taylor has encouraged fans to take the radio back from the corporations by calling up and requesting what they really want to hear instead of just sitting back and allowing industry executives to force upon us what they believe should be popular. In terms of what he said, we wholeheartedly agree and we believe that there is a need reclaim what is truly ours and rid the radio of the "smaller, tighter" playlists we endure on a daily basis, thus giving true artists a chance to be heard. It is time for people to stand and make their voices heard. If they are asked "Are You Listening?", they will be able to stand and proudly say "Yes, I am."
For more information or ask us any questions, send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.