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***nik's thoughts***
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
new journal
Mood:  bright
so i've never actually had an online journal before. Seems like the cool thing to do though! :) Hope you guys enjoy what i write down...and dont make fuN! Alright so right now its tuesday and I have math class in about 30 min. I hate math. Well, not hate..b/c im not a hater, but if i were to hate anything in the world it would be math. I only like it when I understand it, and right now that is not the case! College life is going pretty good! Me and Kate are meeting a lot of really cool people! Everyone here is just so nice! the only thing i dont like is that im just starting to realize how segregated it is. Seriously its 2004!!!! You would think that would be over and done with. I dont think its so much that people are racist, people just tend to group together. Still gets on my nerves though! Like even the cafeteria!!!! It is completely segregated in there! I dont like that at all. Makes me so uncomfortable...why can't we all just get along ( yeah i know that sounds gay...did that on purpose) Roommate situation is working out really well! A lot of people thought it would be a bad idea to room w/ one of your friends but thats not the case. I think its because me and kate are so alike. I think it would be harder to room with someone your not friends with. I guess its different with everyone though! Anyway, I have to get going to class! I'll write more later!


Posted by music6/nik at 11:11 AM EDT
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