Welcome to Koala's Tree! This is a site that has a lot of graphics and a lot of fun! Oh, and a lot of Neopets! I own the site. You can call me Christy. This site has everything you need to know about Neopets and graphics. There are avatar and font guides. Popular guilds. There is everything from blogs to Welcome signs. You name it, we got it!

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SOrry that I haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been all worked up with school and thus and such. We got a lot of projects and things such as that, that were really important. I would've posted more but things got a little crazy...
I got an HTML book today at Barns & Nobles so there should be some new things going up this month;)
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you people!I changed the layout slightly. Have a happy holiday!

Happy Halloween!

The forums should be up any day now...

We remember all who died today in the World Trade Centers. May you rest in peace.

YAY! The site has been created!

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Avatars- Friend or Fiend?!?

Avatars on Neopets are great things. They signify unique aspects of everyone but are they really that great? People are wasting NeoPoints on them just to get a meesly avatar... Is it really worth stressing over? I mean, a little picture, sure it's cute and all but what about your pet? Is it happy? Probably not. Collecting avatars is a great thing but people worry too much about them that they don't realize that they spent 600,000 NeoPoints just to get avatars on avarage. Then they go onto the boards and say that all of a sudden they lost all of their NeoPoints. Their fault. So, avatars are good and bad in many ways just remember if you are one of those people that go on the boards and say that you lost all of your NeoPoints and would anyone like to donate, it's your fault. Nobody else's.

This is the thing that really bugs me a lot. People throw their trash out on the ground in New York and other places of the world too (probably), but the thing is, when people do that they don't realize that they did something wrong. BAD! More and more people are inhabiting the world and are pushing animals out of their habitats. I just noticed this when I went to Australia this summer. People there are neat and love to care and conserve the Earth. People in New York, on the other hand are not caring enough. Think about it, somebody throws a plastic bag on the ground in New York because they missed the garbage and they don't pick it up. The wind comes along and blows that same plastic bag into the Atlantic Ocean. It blows onto a loggerhead shark's nose and covers its gills and soon the shark can't breathe. It soon dies. It is now a threatened animal and is soon endangered. People are the cause of most endangered species. Even the koala is endangered because humans have cut down their Gum (Euclyptus) Trees. So before you throw out, think...

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