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NecroBound is here

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NecroBound is here!!! Hailing from Arkansas this band has set the stakes high for any other upcomming bands. Charles Sabo the bass player in this albulm has gone back to his former band,"Onset Of Winter",we wish him and his band the best ..So this leaves the band open for a new bassist...if you think this is you leave us a message They are a band that will never be in your thoughts,in your dreams,in your every action of every day,Consisting of members on the demo, Adam Smith -former drumer Disgustin Dustin - guitars/vocals Josh Gregrich- guitar/background vocals Charles Sabo- bass They currently have a demo cd for all to hear all you need is $1.00 (that is one dollar)for shipping.It is a 4 song demo that will blow you away with a BRUTAL DEATH METAL sound.Just give us a 30 second listen and i know you will be hooked and hearing the name NecroBound everywhere you turn,So if you like what you are seeing so far let me prove it to you,if you would like a copy of your self titled demo,write to one of the band members NECROBOUND!

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