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As one of the top bassist and vocalist in seattle larry is in demand for all kinds of musical adventures. Larry's adventure began at an age 5 when his dad got him his first guitar(so he would leave his alone). He plunked on it for awhile until one night his uncle came over to give his dad a lession. His uncle was teaching his dad songs like "Pipeline" and "Ghost riders in the sky" and Larry was in the other room learning them by ear. Larry liked guitar but it didn't intrest him all that much, but that was all about to change. At age 13 his dad took hin to his house and there in the corner was a bass and amp. Not knowing what a bass was he picked it up and that was it he knew what he wanted to do. So armed with a new passion Larry started to teach himself how to play and then within 6 months he was playing in his first band. Now with 25 years of experence under his belt Larry is now one of the top vetrens in the Seattle music scenes. In live situations Larry explodes on stage with amazing musical and vocal (both Lead and backing)abilities. Snice 2001 Larry has been dazziling Seattle playing with local music legends "The Machine", but you can also see him filling in with other bands in the area. Most bands and local agents know if if you need a bassist/vocalist (and he's not already gigging) call Larry.

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