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Kimberly Roads Schlapman

Kimberly Roads Schlapman grew up in the mountains of Cornelia, Georgia. She always knew she wanted to be a singer. She started singing in church with her father and sister and started entering talent contests when she was 12. She enrolled at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama as a music major. It was there that she met Karen Fairchild and the two began singing together. Kimberly recorded a solo album in 1992. In late 1995, she moved to Nashville, where she reunited with Karen.

Birthday: October 15
Hometown: Cornelia, Georgia
Hobbies: Cooking, flea-marketing, running
Favorite Cartoon Character: Foghorn Leghorn
Favorite Movie: "It's A Wonderful Life"
Favorite TV Show: "I Love Lucy"
Favorite Country Song: "Roses In The Snow"
Favorite Country Album: Emmylou Harris: Roses In The Snow
I am in five words..."Southern, nurturing, playful, peace-keeping, nervous."
Nobody knows that..."I dropped out of kindergarten because I was afraid of the fire drill."
I wish I could..."Be the voice of a character in a Disney movie."
I've always had a crush on..."Jimmy Stewart."
My biggest vice is..."My morning ritual - certain things at a certain time - starting with coffee and Fox News..."
Musical Influences...Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton

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