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Last Update: December 12th, 2007

Note: Nothing is for sale as it is illegal to do. So please don't waste my time and yours by asking.

Recently Added Items:

7-8-00 Sparta, KY (Metallica Fill-In 3rd Angle - Right)
So Hott > Slow Ride > Honky Tonk Woman - Spike TVs VGAs 12-09-2007
TV Commercial Ad for Milwaukee, WI 1-30-2008 Concert
Kid Rock On Elliot In The Morning DC101 Live_12-05-2007
10-09-2007 New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
Dixie On My Mind - CMT Giants (w. Hank Williams Jr.)
MTV Yearbook 1999_Kid Rocks The Strip Joint
Kid Rock Photo Shoot Clip 2007
Rock N Roll Jesus - VH1's Christmas Spectacular 2007
Kid Rock Yahoo Music Exclusive Interview
CMT Unplugged Sneak Peak (Studio 330)
Run's House Episode - 2007
11-06-2007 Denver, CO (Paramount Theatre)
Behind The Scenes with Kid Rock on Extra 11-26-07
Kid Rock on CMA Awards 11-07-07
11-25-1994 Roseville, MI (The Ritz - Concert and Rehearsal)
1994 Toledo, OH (The Asylum)




Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast
The Polyfuze Method
Fire It Up
Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp
The Polyfuze Method Revisited
Devil Without A Cause (Explicit and Edited)
History Of Rock (Explicit and Edited)
Cocky (Explicit and Edited)
Kid Rock (Explicit and Edited)

Live Trucker (Test and Explicit and Edited Versions)
Rock n Roll Jesus (Edited and Explicit)
Exclusive Target DVD
Exclusive Walmart DVD

Concerts (AUDIO - full show unless otherwise noted):

5-30-97 Detroit, MI (SBD Audio - Intro ONLY)
1-15-99 Atlanta, GA (99xFM Radio Concert)
2-7-99 Cincinnati, OH
3-24-99 New York, NY (Full Show)
4-21-99 Chicago, IL
5-30-99 Clarkston, MI (Poison Set)
- Rock and Roll All Night
6-18-99 Mountain View, CA
7-27-99 Grand Rapids, MI
10-20-99 Kalamazoo, MI
10-29-99 Philadelphia, PA
11-4-99 Myrtle Beach, SC
11-6-99 Westwood, CA (Radio Show - Edited)
11-26-99 San Jose, CA
12-29-99 St. Petersburg, FL
12-31-99 Pontiac, MI
2000 Rochestor
2000 Arkon, OH (David Allan Coe Show)
- Only God Knows Why (original to video)
- Midnight Rider (FULL SONG - Fixed Version)
1-4-00 Chicago, IL (Radio Broadcasted Version - Edited)
1-4-00 Chicago, IL (Bootleg Version)
1-10-00 Minneapolis, MN (Metallica Set)
- Turn The Page
- For Whom The Bell Tolls
1-24-00 Westwood Radio Show (Broadcasted on 1-02-02)
5-4-00 Atlanta, GA
6-30-00 Foxboro, MA
7-1-00 Rockingham, NC
7-7-00 Atlanta, GA (Fill in For James Hetfield of Metallica)
- Sad But True
- American Bad Ass
- Nothing Else Matters
- Fortunate Son
- Somebody's Gott Feel This
- Fuel (Kid on turntables)
- Enter Sandman
8-2-00 Evansville, IN
8-8-00 Pittsburg, PA
8-16-00 Candem, NJ
9-29-00 Las Vegas, NV (Phish Show Songs)
- You Shook Me All Night Long
- Rappers Delight
- Walk This Way
- We're An American Band
2-2-01 Chicago, IL
- If I Was President only, ***LOOKING for full show!***
3-3-01 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
4-30-01 New York, NY (Sheryl Crow Show )
- Don't Tell Me > Sweet Home Alambama w. kid rock
- If I was President (kid rock only)
- Come and Go Blues w. Kid rock
- Drift Away w. Kid Rock and Keith Richards
- Tie Your Mother Down w. Kid Rock
- There Goes The Neighborhood > Rappers Delight w. Kid Rock
May-2001 CA (radio show - edited)
6-3-01 Rock Am Ring (It's So Easy song Only - Trying to find full show)
7-13-01 Clarkston, MI (Aerosmith Set - Sweet Emotion Only)
10-25-01 Clarkston MI (Aerosmith Set - Kid Rock and Ted Nugent on Walk this way)
3-8-02 Shreveport, LA
4-17-02 New York, NY (Gov't Mule Show)
- Can't You See
- Sweat Leaf
- War Pigs
4-28-02 Charlette, NC
5-10-02 New York, NY
5-16-02 Evansville, IN
6-21-02 Columbus, OH
8-24-02 Mansfield, MA (Aerosmith Set) - Walk This Way w/ Kid Rock and Run DMC
8-28-02 Wantagh, NY
9-01-02 Tinley Park, IL (Aerosmith Show)
- Walk This Way w. Kid Rock and Run DMC
9-3-02 Toronto, Canada
** also from aerosmith's set - Walk This Way w/ Kid Rock and Run DMC
9-12-02 Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Aerosmith Set) - Walk This Way w/ Kid Rock and Run DMC
9-14-02 East Troy, WI
** also from aerosmith's set - Walk This Way w/ Kid Rock and Run DMC
9-29-02 Noblesville, IN
10-14-02 Atlanta, GA
3-21-03 Auburn Hills, MI (Tim McGraw Show)
- The Ride (David Allan Coe Cover) w. Kid Rock
2-13-04 Charlette, NC
4-16-04 Phoenix, AZ
6-11-04 Wantagh, NY
8-27-04 Clarkston, MI
9-11-04 Toronto, Canada
6-19-04 Birmingham, AL (Bawitdaba only - taper will not release the full show)
10-08-04 Las Vegas, NV
6-12-05 Atlanta, GA(Feel Like Making Love Only - taper will not release the full show)
7-17-05 Boyne Falls, MI (only 2nd half of show recorded)

1-29-06 Dayton, OH
4-13-06 Saint Paul, MN (Different Audio from DVD)
4-15-06 Cleveland, OH
4-20-06 Denver, CO
5-05-06 Dallas, TX
5-10-06 Toledo, OH
5-17-06 New York, NY (GnR Show - Kid Rock on Night Train *2 different sources*)
7-08-06 Clarkston, MI (Sammy Hagar Show)
- You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys Cover)
- Rock and Roll (Led Zepellin Cover)
3-01-07 Inglewood, CA (Bob Seger Show - Real Mean Bottle)
4-14-07 Vail, CO
7-27-07 Los Angeles, CA (Greek Theatre) - Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert "Sweet Home Alabama" (Featuring Kid Rock and Shooter Jennings)
8-01-07 Sterling Heights, MI (Freedom Hill Amphitheater) - Sheryl Crow Concert "Picture"
9-15-07 Carson, CA (KROQ LA Invasion - Webcast) *Soundboard*
10-09-07 New York, NY (Irving Plaza)
10-13-07 Toronto, Canada (Kool Haus)
11-06-07 Denver, CO (Paramount Theatre)

Other Audio:

A Country Boy Can Survive (demo)
All I can Do Is Write About It - Unknown Toledo Show/Bar Performance
All I Can Do Is Write About It at Lowes Motorspeed Way
Amen Remix (Official)
American Bad Ass (Ringtone Version)
Atlantic Confidential Part 1 (Looking for the other parts)
Back From The Dead (demo #1)
Back From The Dead (demo #2)
Back From The Dead (Extended Mix) Back From The Dead (Ringtone Version)
Back From The Dead Instrumental (D-Square Remix)
Back in Black (Remix)
Bawitdaba (demo #1)
Bawitdaba (demo #2)
Bawitdaba (Lower Than You) Remix from Ready to Rumble Soundtrack
Bawitdaba Instrumental
Born 2 Be A Hick (demo)
Box # 10 (Demo)
Can't you See - Unknown Toledo Show/Bar Performance
Cold and Empty (Alternative Version)
Cowboy (demo #1)
Cowboy (demo #2)
Cowboy (Neptunes Remix)
Cowboy (Remix) (Produced By The Neptunes) (Instrumental)
Cowboy Gutair Lessons from Total Gutair Magazine 4 diff 1's
Cowboy Instrumental
Cowboy - KROQ LA Invasion (Edited Version)
Daddy Cool (Demo)
Daddy Cool (Demo Take #2)
David Spade Presents Kid Rock and TBT Band (mix)
Devil without a cause (demo)
Forever(Radio Edit)
Fred (demo)
I am the bullgod (demo #1)
I am the bullgod (demo #2)
I Am The Bullgod Licursi Live Mix
I Got One For Ya' (demo)
I'm a Dog (demo)
In So Deep (Echo Mix)
Interview By George Blaha at Pistons Game
Interview on Yahoo
Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine
Interview with Souk Yin (Much Music Headquarters)
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (UK Benefit CD - Innovative Flex Remix)
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (UK Benefit CD - Rawkin' Roll Mix)
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (UK Benefit CD - Shaft's Radio Mix)
It's Still East Detroit To Me (Bootleg/Demo)
Jackson, Mississippi (Edit Version)
Jason Krause Interview from ChopShop Guitar Show 2006
Kid Rock (Accoustic clips being played by Bob From Gibson Promotional CD)
King Masterbator - "Never Sober" (kid rock produced)
Kid Rock Message (from "Drunk With The Devil" a Kirk Dubb Song)
Kid Rock Message (from Mike E. Clark's Answering Machine)
Kid Rock Message (from ICP's Answering Machine)
Kid Rock Speaks with the Detroit Free Press
Krack Rocks (demo)
Legs (ZZ Top Cover)
Living For The City w/ Stevie Wonder at the World Music Awards 8-31-05
Lonely Road of Faith (Alternate Edit)
Lonely Road of Faith (No Bridge Edit)
Lonely Road of Faith (Radio Version)
Maximum Kid Rock Full CD Interview
Mom and Dad I Use Drugs (demo)
Mom and Dad I Use Drugs (Studio Remix)
My Oedipus Complex (remix 2)
My Oedipus Complex (remix)
My Oedipus Complex (Father Edit)
My Oedipus Complex (Son Edit)
only god knows why (demo)
only god knows why (instrumental)
Outlaw (Uncle Kracker demo song from 1987)
Picture (instrumental)
Picture w. Allison Moorer
Pimp of The Nation (Jackyl & Hyde Remix)
pimp of the nation remix from yo da lin in the valley 12" vinyl
Pimpin JB - Kid Rock Produced
Pimpin JB and The Don - "Bitchez, Hoez and Slutz" (Kid Rock Produced)
plastic people (demo #1)
plastic people (demo #2)
Plastic People (1992 Demo, different from the Bootleg Tape Series)
Prodigal Son (demo #1)
Prodigal Son (demo #2)
Prodigal Son (Down and Dirty Edit)
Rock N' Roll Jesus (Acapella and Instrumental - Official)
Roll On (Acapella and Instrumental - Official)
Rovin' Gangster (demo #1)
Rovin' Gangster (demo #2)
Rovin' Gangster (demo #3)
Somebody's Gotta Feel This (demo)
Son Of Detroit - Live at Iron Horse Salon Bar in Boston, MA 2003
So Hott (Acapella and Instrumental - Official)
So Hott - KROQ LA Invasion (Edited Version)
Star Profile Interview
Straight Jacket - Kid Rock produced
Tommy Lee "Face to Face" (Diss on Kid Rock note: Bob is not on this)
Turn The Page (Studio)
U Don't Know me (Edited)
Wasting Time (demo)
X-Games Theme
ya keep on (demo 2)
Ya keep on (demo)
You Know What I'm Saying (Feat. Run DMC - Demo)
You Know What I'm Saying
You Never Met A (Radio Edit)
You Never Met A (Beep Edit)
You Never Met A (Beep Edit)

U Don't Know Me CD Single

- U Don't Know Me (Beyond The Door Mix)
- U Don't Know Me (Cali Boy Instrumental)
- U Don't Know Me (Cali Boy Mix)
- U Don't Know Me (Funk Mix)

Radio Stuff:

"Lost Highway" on Pam Radio
01-22-04 Saginaw, MI Radio Advertisement
01-22-04 Saginaw, MI Radio Advertisement (Different Version)
101.1 WRIF - Congradulating Arthur P
101.1 WRIF Radio Interview (11-25-03)
101.1 WRIF "So Hott" Premier
106.7 KBPI "So Hott" Premier
10-9-04 KZLA Country Bash Concert Advertisement
Accoustic Bullgod > Free Bird on Howard Stern's Birthday Bash
Amen (Radio Edit)
Answering The Media (talks about suprizes and costs of stuff at events)
Bawitdaba (Radio Version)
Bawitdaba into American Band on Howard Stern
Bawitdaba live at Q101
Bawitdaba on Jimmy Kimmel 1-31-06
Bawitdaba Remix From KROQ
Bob Seger Talks About Recording Real Mean Bottle with Kid Rock on Radio
Bubba The Love Sponge Cancellation Announcement (2-20-06)
Bubba The Love Sponge Talk - Talking about Kid Rock being on next weeks show (02-13-06)
Cowboy (Bass Remix)
Cowboy (UK Clean Edit)
Cowboy live at Q101
DC101 Radio Interview 2006
Def Leppard's Joe Elliott Talks About Kid Rock on WRIF
Edge 102 Radio Station in Toronto
Feel Like Making Love (Radio Edit)
Forever (Radio Edit)
Howard Stern 1999 Interview (split into 9 parts)
Howard Stern Show 10-08-2007 (Sirius Radio)
I Am The Bullgod live at Q101
If I was President on unknown Radio Station
Inside Live Trucker 2-27-06 (97.9X Radio)
Inside Rock N' Roll Jesus With Matt Pinfield
In Studio Interview in 1999 on WYSP Pittsburgh Radio Station
Jackson, Mississippi (Radio Edit)
Jason Krause Interview from ChopShop Guitar Show
'Live Trucker' (Sampler radio promo cd - 5 tracks radio edited versions)
Kevin & Bean (KROQ Interview) 9-13-2007
Kid Rock 6-11-05 Concert Ad
Kid Rock 6-11-05 Concert Ad 2nd version
Kid Rock 6-11-05 Concert Ad 3rd version
Kid Rock Calls KIHW 99.9fm Radio
Kid Rock On Elliot In The Morning DC101 Live_12-05-2007
Kid Rock on Hill-Man Morning Show 3-2-2006 (2 parts)
Kid Rock on Howard Stern 2-28-06 (Sirius Radio)
Kid Rock on Lex and Terry 3-1-2006
Kid Rock on Opie and Anthony 4-18-2002
KISW Interview 9-13-2007
KROQ Interview 9-15-2007 (Following Performance)
Kyle's Mom Is A Big Fat Bitch (Radio Edit)
Lonely Road of Faith (Radio Edit)
Mancow In The Morning Radio Interview/Play session
Mancow Interview 3-1-2006
Mancow News 3-23-2006
New CD Promo (Radio Advertisement) -2004-
New York Radio Interview (Oby and Anthony) - very funny -
Only God Knows Why (German Radio Edit)
Picture w. Allison Moorer (Radio Edit)
Prodigal Son (Radio Edit)
Radio Phone Interview on WYSP Pittsburgh Radio Station
Rock Line 99 Radio Show
Shutgun Blast (Radio Edit)
SonicNet Radio Show 1999 #41 Part 1 and 2
The Mikey Show_Rock 105.3 San Diego (9-13-2007)
Unknown Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker Radio Interview
Wasting Time (German Radio Edit)
WAAF Interview 9-13-2007
WRIF Radio Interview 3-26-04
WRIF "Drew and Mike" May 2006
WRIF's Arthur P Update on new Kid Rock CD - July 26th, 2007
WRIF Interview 9-13-2007
Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley (Radio Edit)

Guest Appearances:

5 Horse Johnson "Mississippi King" ft Kenny and Jimmie
Beth Hart "Broken And Ugly" ft Jimmie Bones
Beth Hart "If God Only Knew" ft Jimmie Bones
Bif Naked "I Love Myself Today" w. Kenny Olson
Chaka Khan "Little Wing" w. Kenny Olson
Champtown "Armageddon" feat. Kid Rock (on turntables)
Chris Jerichos theme "Walls of Jericho" * not confirmed*
DMC - Find My Way feat. Kid Rock
Eric Gales "Just Got Paid" w. Kenny Olson
Gretchen Wilson "The Other Side Of Me" w/ kid rock
Hank Williams Jr "The F Word" w. Kid Rock (Album Version)
Hank Williams Jr. "Amoses Moses" ft Jimmie and Kenny
Hemigod - The Way It Should Be w/ Kid Rock
Howling Diablos "It's My Part" w. Kid Rock
Howling Diablo's "Mean Little Town" feat Jimmie Bones (on Car Wash cd)
Howling Diablos "Motherfuckers Evil" feat. Kid Rock
Insane Clown Posse "Is That You" w. Kid Rock
Kenny Wayne Shepherd "Spank" w. Kid Rock
Lynyrd Skynyrd "Gimmie Back My Bullets" w. Kid Rock
Midori - Fuck My Ass (Produced by Kid Rock)
Methods of Mayhem "New Skin" w. Kid Rock
Muder 1 "No Woman No Cry" w. Kid Rock
Nickelback "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" w. Kid Rock
Osmosis Jones Sountrack "Cool, Daddy Cool" w. Kid Rock and Joe C
Paradime - Foul Mouff w/kid rock (11 steps down sampler)
Paradime "Foul Mouff" (Nas Diss Version) w. Kid Rock
Paradime "Foul Mouff" w. Kid Rock (Album Version)
Paradime - Those Are People Who Died (featuring TBT)
Paradime - The Water (Featuring Kenny Tudrick)
Paradime - What I Got (Featuring TBT)
The Paradox Experiment CD (key tracks listed below)
** Burning Coldness (featuring Jason Krause)
** Patterns (featuring Kid Rock and Jason Krause)
** Words Can't Express - Part II (featuring Jason Krause)
** Who's There (featuring Jason Krause)
R Kelly "Rock Star" feat. Kid Rock and Ludacris (Original and Acapella Versions)
R.L. Burnside "Detroit Boogie Pt 1" ft Kenny and Jimmie
R.L. Burnside "My Name Is Robert Too"
R.L. Burnside "Rollin and Tumblin" ft Kenny and Jimmie
Robert Bradley "Bonejelly" ft Jimmie Bones
Robert Bradley "California" ft Jimmie Bones
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprize "Higher" w. Kid Rock
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprize "Tramp 2" w. Kid Rock
Run DMC "The School Of Old" w. Kid Rock
South Park Soundtrack - "Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat Bitch" w. Joe C and Kid Rock
The Crow Salvation Sountrack "Warm Winter" w. Kid Rock
Troy Olsen "Rock This Honky Tonk" feat. Kid Rock
Uncle Kracker "Break U Off" ft Kid rock
Uncle Kracker "Heaven" (DEMO) w. Paradime, Joe C and Kid rock
Uncle Kracker "Heaven" w. Paradime and Kid Rock
Undertaker's enterence theme music
Willie Nelson "Last Stand In Open Country" w. Kid Rock
Wylin Jennnings Tribute CD - "Luckenbach, TX" w. Kid Rock and Kenny Chesney

Unknown - "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" w/ Kenny Olson

Beast Crew - Chapter 1 Release (kid rock produce and is on a few tracks)
note: this is actually a mix from chapters 1 and 2, i will be getting both soon and then
will fix this.

- Intro
- Doc Round Cee
- Where'e the chicken
- You Don't Stop w. kid rock
- I Don't Care
- It's Hip Hop
- Love of Mine w. Kid Rock
- Europe Bitch
- Get Out the Way
- Runnin
- Here's My Chance
- Can't Sit on 7 Mile
- Dope MCs
- Got Drawls w. Kid Rock
- Shout Outs

Harms Way - Chato Diablo (contains songs recorded, produced & DSD by Kid Rock)

- Ooh Ahh
- Let It Ride
- L.S.G.H. Joker
- Freak
- Culo
- Sick
- Pasa Me La Mota
- Chong Sized Bong / Earache My Eye
- Down In THe Mix

Kid Rock Group Tape

Harms Way - Kutcorners LP (Produced by Kid Rock)

- Ballistics
- Down In The Mix
- Churale Mi'Verga
- Truth Hurts
- Sick
- K.F.B.
- Love To Get High
- Get Your Lips Off My Beer
- Sickstra Mental
- Down In The Mix (Radio Mix)

Kid Rock Group Tape

- Intro
- The Fatman
- Sittin' On 7 Mile (Interlude)
- Lettin' Ya Know (feat. Kid Rock)
- Somebody Dead (Interlude)
- Menace to Society
- KDC's Track Is Crazy
- Trick With The Dope Dealer
- Sittin' On 7 Mile (Interlude)
- The Chase
- Relentless
- Sittin' On 7 Mile
- Clemens Side Players
- Get You Some Drawers (feat. Kid Rock
- Shout Outs (Interlude)

Kid Rock Released Bootleg Tapes:

- July 1994
- August 1994
- September 1994
- October and November 1994
- December 1994
- March 1995



Music Videos:

All My Roudy Friends (Gretchen Wilson Music Video)
American Bad Ass
Back From The Dead
Bawitdaba (New Extended Version - "On Demand" Jan 2006)
Cold And Empty
Cowboy (Playboy Version)
Feel Like Makin' Love
Gretchen Wilson - "All Jacked Up" w. Kid Rock
Gretchen WIlson - "Redneck Woman" w. Kid Rock
Hank Williams Jr. - Naked Women and Beer w. Kid Rock
Honkey Tonk Woman w/ Jerry Lee Lewis
I Am The Bullgod
Jackson, Mississippi
Lonely Road of Faith
Nickleback's "Rockstar" Video
Only God Knows Why
Rock 'N Roll Pain Train (Sports Illustrated Exclusive)
RockStar Music Video (With R. Kelly and Ludacris) HDTV Quality
So Hott
U Don't Know Me
Welcome 2 The Party
You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Uncle Kracker's Music Video from Shanghai Noon)



99 Problems w. Jay Z - BET Music Awards
All My Rowdy Friends - CMT Outlaws 9-7-04
Amen - The Ellen DeGeneres Sow 10-25-2007
America The Beautiful at Game 5 of the NBS Finals on 6-19-2005
American Bad Ass on Jay Leno w/ Lars and Kirk from Metallica 7/2000
American Bad Ass on SNL 5/20/00
American Bad Ass on WWE Raw 5/29/00
Baby Come Home from "A Salute To The Troops & USO" 11-19-2006 (TV and Cell Phone versions)
Bawitdaba - good quality
Bawitdaba - MTV Music Awards 6/05/99
Bawitdaba > Walk This Way w. Run DMC and Aerosmith- MTV Video Music Awards 9/09/99
Bawitdaba from superbowl (bootleg)
Bawitdaba on Jimmy Kimmel 1-31-06 (Video)
Bawitdba into Cowboy - Superbowl Halftime show
Bully Jones w. Allison Moorer - Allison Moorer Concert in Nashville, TN
Cool Herk Tribute - VH1 Hip Hop Honors
Country Music Awards 11/05/03 handing out album of the year award to Johnny Cash's family
Cowboy - Autorox on Spike TV 1-22-05
Cowboy - Kenny Chesney Concert Special on CMT
Cowboy - WB Radio Music Awards 10-28-99
Cowboy on David Letterman 9/08/99
Cowboy on Dr. Phil's 500th Episode
Cowboy on Jay Leno (6/04/99)
Divas Live with Arethra Franklin 4/10/01
Dixie On My Mind - CMT Giants 2007 (w. Hank Williams Jr.)
Drink Wine Spodeeolae w. Howling Diablos - Detroit, MI
Everybody Needs Somebody - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame All Star rendition
Family Tradition w. Hank Williams Jr. - CMT Outlaws 9-7-04
Fat Bottom Girls - CMT Outlaws 9-7-04
Feel Like Makin Love - American Music Awards 11/16/03
Feel Like Makin Love - VH1's Big in 03' 10/2003
Feel Like Makin Love on Jay Leno 11/18/03
Feel Like Making Love from The Malibu Club in California
Forever - TRL 11-10-01
Forever on David Letterman 11-21-01
Frosty The Blowman (unaired from 11-4-03 x-mas show)
Honkey Tonk Woman w/ Jerry Lee Lewis on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno) 11-21-2006
I Am - David Letterman 6/09/04
I Am (Last Call 6/30/04)
I am the bullgod - good quality
I Am The Bullgod from "A Salute To The Troops & USO" 11-19-2006 (TV and Cell Phone Versions)
If I was President From Baghdad
If I Was President w. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top - MTV's 20th Anniversary show 9-2-01
I Walk The Line w. Jerry Lee Lewis - I Walk The Line Tribute TV Special 11/16/05
Jackson, Mississippi - Jay Leno 4/28/04
Lay It On Me - American Music Awards 1/09/02
Living For The City" w/ Stevie Wonder at the World Music Awards 8-31-05
Mama kin > Last Child - Aerosmith Icon Show
MTV's Fashionably Loud 1999 (3 songs performed)
My Name Is Bocephus (CMT Giants - Hank Jr. Tribute Show)
My Name Is Rock - Wanna be a VJ 1999
OGKW > Bawitdaba > American Band - Grammy's 2/23/00
On The Road Aagain w. Willie Nelson
Only God Know Why on SNL (w/ Trey from Phish) 5/20/00
Only God Knows Why From Baghdad
Picture w. Sheryl Crow - CMT Flameworthy Awards
Picture w. Sheryl Crow on Jay Leno 1/24/04
Pink Houses w. John Mellencamp - Concert for 9/11
Rappers Delight w. Neal Rodgers (Montreux Jazz Festival 2006)
Rehersal for Willie Nelson's Outlaws and Angels 2004 show
Rock N Roll Jesus - David Letterman 10-08-2007 (Hi-Def)
Rock N Roll Jesus - VH1's Christmas Spectacular 2007
Rock n' Roll Pain Train - Autorox on Spike TV 1-22-05
Rock n' Roll Pain Train - CMT Outlaws 9-7-04
Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting - Kennedy Center Honors
Shotgun Willie, Shotgun Bobby w. Willie Nelson
So Hott > Slow Ride > Honky Tonk Woman - Spike TVs VGAs 12-09-2007
Son Of Detroit - Autorox on Spike TV 1-22-05
Spike TV Premier Performance
Sweet Emotion w. Aerosmith - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)
Sweet Home Alabama - 10-27-02 Hawthorne, CA
Sweet Home Alabama" w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd on ReAct Now Concert for Hurricane Katrina 9-10-05
Sweet Home Alabama w/ Induction of Lynyrd Skynyrd (Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2006)
The F Word w. Hank Williams Jr. - CMT Music Awards 5-22-02
There Ain't No Good In An Evil Hearted Woman w. Hank Williams Jr.- Johnny Cash Memorial
Tush feat Nickleback and Billy Gibbons at the Billboard Music Awards 2006
Wasting Time on David Letterman 8/09/00
Wasting Time into freestyling and Rappers Delight - Live with the Dan Rafferty Band
Welcome 2 The Party > Jumpin Jack Flash - VH1 Fashion Awards
Welcome to the party - need better quality version
Welcome to the party - Jimmie Kimmel 1-31-06
We're An American Band - Live on TRL
What is Truth - Johnny Cash Memorial
With a One-Two In College
Yeah Yeah Yeah w. Uncle Kracker - Blockbuster Music Awards 4/10/01
Yeah Yeah Yeah w. Uncle Kracker - MTV All Access (Backstage at 7-4-00 Baltimore, MD)
You're An Original w. Sheryl Crow - need higher quality definately

Concerts (Video - full show unless otherwise noted):

9-8-91 Detroit, MI
11-25-94 Roseville, MI (The Ritz - Concert and Rehearsal)
1994 Toledo, OH (The Asylum)
5-30-97 Detroit, MI (State Theater - Concert and Rehearsal)
9-27-98 Toledo, OH
10-22-98 St. Louis, MO
11-10-98 Austin, TX
2-5-99 St. Louis, MO
2-9-99 Pittsburgh, PA
3-19-99 Detroit, MI (HBO Reverb)
3-24-99 New York, NY (camera dies and cuts out after 40mins)
4-28-99 Pittsburgh, PA
6-11-99 Wantagh, NY
6-22-99 Seattle, WA
6-25-99 San Diego, CA
6-26-99 Mesa, AZ
7-12-99 Minneapolis, MN
7-19-99 Pittsburgh, PA
7-22-99 New York, NY
7-23-99 Lowell, MA
7-24-99 Rome, NY (Woodstock)
9-27-99 Amsterdam, Holland (Audience and Pro Shot Versions)
11-1-99 New York, NY
12-2-99 Mesa, AZ
2000 David Allan Coe Show (Kid Rock does Only God Knows Why and Midnight Rider (FULL) )
1-9-00 Minneapolis,MN (also comes out on Metallica's Set for Turn The Page -have regular audio and sbd audio versions-)
1-12-00 Peoria, IL
1-15-00 Moline, IL
6-1-00 Toronto, Canada (Much Music I&I)
6-23-00 Seattle, WA (EMP)
7-3-00 St. Louis, MO
7-4-00 Batlimore, MD
7-8-00 Sparta, KY (Kid Rock's Set - Left Angle)
7-8-00 Sparta, KY (Metallica Fill In Set - Left Angle)
7-8-00 Sparta, KY (Metallica Fill In Set - Center Angle)
7-8-00 Sparta, KY (Metallica Fill In Set - Right Angle)
7-14-00 San Francisco, CA
7-22-00 Chicago, IL (also comes out on Metallica's Set for Turn The Page)
** -ALSO- What's My Name (ProShot clip from the 7-22-2000 Chicago, IL show)
8-1-00 Scranton, PA
8-31-00 Clarkston, MI
9-27-00 Las Vegas, NV (Phish show, sings a few songs)
2-22-01 Toledo, OH
2-23-01 Cincinnati, OH
6-01-01 Frankenstadion, Nuremberg, Germany (Rock Am Ring)
10-15-01 Auburn Hills, MI (STP Set - Dead and Bloated)
12-14-01 Nashville, TN (CMT Crossroads w/ Hank Williams Jr.)
2002 Funky Daddy (Howling Diablos Show)(Video)
4-26-02 Miami, FL
6-22-02 Cincinnati, OH
8-26-02 Boston, MA (Aerosmith set - Walk This Way alos with Run DMC)
8-28-02 Wangtah, NY (Aerosmith set - Walk This Way alos with Run DMC)
8-30-02 Wangtah, NY (Aerosmith set - Walk This Way alos with Run DMC)
9-7-02 Candem, NJ (Aerosmith set - Walk This Way also with run dmc)
9-21-02 Philadelphia, PA (Farm Aid)
11-9-02 Las Vegas, NV
11-4-03 Mt. Clemens, MI (VH1 A Kid Rock Christmas)
7-16-05 Sarnia, Canada (cell phone vids)
- American Bad Ass - 4:12
- Bawitdaba - 6:07
- Devil Without A Cause - 1:12
- Feel Like Making Love - 0:18
- Freebird - 0:19
- Only God Knows Why - 7:48
- Son Of Detroit - 0:41

2005 Ottawa Festival - Video Clips
2-16-06 Hollywood, FL
2-18-06 Orlando, FL (Universal Studios - Mardi Gras Festival)
3-02-06 Pittsburgh, PA
3-25-06 Camden, NJ (4 vids from a cellphone)
3-31-06 New York, NY
4-13-06 Minneapolis, MN
4-14-06 Chicago, IL
4-27-06 Universal City, CA (Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk)
5-17-06 New York, NY (GnR Show - Kid Rock on Night Train)
Bawitdaba and Cowboy from San Antino, TX (2006)
6-30-06 "Rock n Roll" -Led Zeppelin Cover- (feat. Stevie Nicks and Neil Rodgers) Montreux Jazz Festival Switzerland (Rehersal Video)
7-08-06 Clarkston, MI (Sammy Hagar Show)
- You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys Cover)
- Rock and Roll (Led Zepellin Cover)
9-02-06 "Picture" from a Whitestarr show at The Malibu Inn (Kid is Drunk)
9-29-06 New York, NY (Jerry Lee Lewis Show - Last Man Standing Live DVD)< br /> - Little Queenie and Honky Tonk Woman
Performances from Chelio's Chili Bar (after Tigers won ALCS game) 10-14-06 (video)
- The Joker
- Sweet Home Alabama
- Night Moves
Feel Like Making Love from The Malibu Club in California (date of performance unknown)
12-20-06 Real Mean Bottle (Bob Seger Concert) Auburn Hills, MI
12-25-06 "If I Was President" from Iraq (Video)
Kid Rock in Kuwait 2006 (Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash Cover) and parts of cowboy) - 2 seperate videos -
7-7-07 Biloxi, MS (Hard Rock Casino) - Video Clips
9-1-07 CA, Kelseyville at Konocti Harbor Amphitheatre (cell phone vids)
9-15-07 Carson, CA (KROQ LA Invasion - Webcast) *Pro-Shot*
10-09-07 New York, NY (Irvine Plaza) - Camera Vids
10-18-07 Miami, FL (The Fillmore) - Camera Vids
10-28-07 San Francisco, CA (Amen Camera Video)
11-03-2007 Vancouver, Canada (Commodore Ballroom) - Camera Vids


30 Years of Hip Hop (NWA)
30 Years of HIp HOp (Too Short 2)
30 Years of Hip Hop (Too Short)
40 Greatest Done Me Wrong Songs on CMT
A Kid Rock X-Mas Promo Commercial (Christmas Goose)
Access Hollywood May 2004
AMA Interview 2003 (American Music Awards)
America The Beautiful - 2004 NBA Championship
Anna Nicole (fight) at the Kentucky Derby
Are You Read For Some Football w. Hank Williams Jr. (Superbowl Intro)
Arrested in Nashville, TN 2-16-05 (news report)
Arrested in Nashville, TN 2-16-2005 (E! 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oopses)
Atlantic Records - The House That Ahmet Built
Autorox Promotional Commercial
Autorox Promotional Commercial (Different promo)
Backstage and Onstage at the 2003 Country Bash ( 6 clips)
Backstage at Atlanta, GA (1998 or 1999)
Backstage at Beastie Boys Show 2005
Backstage at CMT Outlaws concert
Backstage at Neyland Stadium (Kenny Chesney Concert)
Backstage at Summer Sanitarium Baltimore Show (Very Bref comments)
Backstage with Jesse James at Superbowl 38
Bad Ass Gift to the Fans
Banging up the charts
Bawitdaba Detroit Pistons Opening
Before I&I: Kid Rock 2000
Behind The Music (VH1)
Behind The Scenes of Biker Boys
Behind The Scenes with Kid Rock on Extra 11-26-07
Biker Boyz Movie
Biker Boyz Trailer
Bocktoberfest 2004 (Shiner, TX) Promo Video
Buttman Intros Buttman's Extra Awards Ceremony
Buttman's Main Award Ceremony
Canada AM Interview
Ch. 4 News (Assault on a D.J. In Nashville - shows footage of the event)
Christmas Show Promotional Commercial
CMT Outlaws Promo
CMT Tour Buses
CMT's Greatest Outlaws Dirty Dozen
CNN Headline News Interview 5-7-2006
CMT Unplugged Sneak Peak (Studio 330)
Colin's Sleazy Friends Raw and Extreme Interview
Conan O'Brien 1998 "Faith" {Limp Bizkit song, kid rock just headbangs on stage}
Coors Commerical Break (Rosebowl)
Coors Light Commercial
Cowboy Retirement on TRL
CSI: NY "All Access Episode" 4/26/2006 *HD Source*
Don't Tell Me You Love me (In Studio Preview Video)
Elvis inpersonator outside 97 show / ICP Entering 97 show arena / Warm up act for 97 show
EMP Concert 6/23/00 Interview
Ending of SNL Episode
Entertainment Tonight 11/18/03 report on KR getting in scuffle with paparazzi TV show
Fat Actress Episode
Feel Like Makin' Love (VH1 Promo)
Fox Files 4-15-99 Interview
Fuze TV (Intro, Part 1 and 2)
Grammy Interview w/ James King
Grammy Interview with James King
Hanging Backstage with David Spade
Hank JR. and Kid Rock at CMT Pre-Show (Awards 2006) parody episode 1 parody episode 2
History Of Rock TV Commercial
House of Style
Howard Stern w. Aerosmith 9-9-99 (after VMA performance)
Howard Stern's Birthday Bash 1-21-00 (CBS Ch.4 Highlights)
Howard Stern w. Uncle Kracker 6-20-2000
Howard Stern w. James King 9-7-00
Howard Stern 12-04-01 (talks about dating Pamela Anderson)
Howard Stern 6-16-04 (throws cupcakes at Bunny Bunns)
Induction for Aerosmith into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Induction for Bob Seger into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Instore Turntable Spinning Session at Record Time in Detroit 1996
Interview on hockey game 1-07-2006 (Nashville, TN)
Interview on Jay Leno w/ the osbournes (after kid rock cd release)
Interview with Hank Jr. and Kid Rock on Jimmy Kimmel 2-5-06
Interview on Leno following FLML performance
Interview on Letterman 10-08-2007
Intro to Buttman's Ass Contest
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (UK Benefit Video)
I Walk The Line Memorial TV Commercial
Jam Master Jay Tribute on VH1
Jam Sessions on A&E
Jason Krause Lesson
Jerry Lee Lewis Inpersonation on SNL
Jimmy Kimmel Interview 2002
Jimmy Kimmel Live (Kracker interview, kid rock shows up) 7-29-04
Jimmy Kimmel Gets A Tour of Detroit By Kid Rock in a Taxi 1-31-06
Jimmy Kimmel Welcomes Kid Rock on The Show 1-31-06
Jimmy Kimmel Live 04/27/2006
Jimmy Kimmel Live 9-11-2007 Britney's Baby
Joe DIrt Delete Scene "Airport"
Joe Dirt Movie
Joe Dirt Movie Trailer
Katie interviews Hank Jr. with Kid Rock live backstage at CMT Awards 2006
Kenny Olson Lesson
Kentucky Derby 2003
Kid Rock - Interveiw CMA's 07
Kid Rock - Speech (CMT Giants - Hank Jr. Tribute Show)
Kid rock (int. ESPN) - talked about on epsn new cast
Kid Rock 7-23-04 TV Concert Ad
Kid Rock 7-3-04 TV Concert Ad
Kid Rock 7-3-04 TV Concert Ad (Alternate Version)
Kid Rock and Gretchen Wilson Present Hank Jr. the Johnny Cash award live on CMT
Kid Rock and Leann Rimes At the CMA Awards 03
Kid Rock Arrested Wallfle House (ABC News)
Kid Rock at some night club DJing
Kid Rock Home Studio Tour - CNN
Kid Rock Las Vegas Jet Nightclub in Mirage (2007) Video Clip
Kid and Pam On Yacht
Kid Rock on AMA 11-18-07 (3 Clips)
Kid Rock on CMA Awards 11-07-07
Kid Rock on Nightline ABC News
Kid Rock on the NHL and MLB
Kid Rock on Opie and Anthony 4-18-2002 (4 short video clips)
Kid Rock intoduces Gretchen Wilson at an award show performance
Kid Rock Photo Shoot Clip 2007
Kid Rock recieves blockbuster music award
Kid Rock Sex Tape Promo Clip
Kid Rock signing autographs in Hawthorne ,CA 10-27-02
Kid Rock TV (Germany)
Kid Rock wins favorite male artist at the AMAs
Kid Rock Yahoo Music Exclusive Interview
Kilborn 1/10/01 A rather lengthy interview
King of the Hill "The Fat and the Furious" Episode
Larry King Live (CNN) 10-05-2007
Larry The Health Inspector Scene w/ Kid
Last Call 11-20-03
Last Call 2-1-02
Last Call 6-17-04 Interview
Legs (stacy keibler wwe video)
Leno July 2000 short interview with KR, Lars, Kirk, & Joe C
Letterman 11/21/01 Interview
Loud Times Interview
Making of "I Walk The Line" (Johnny Cash Movie) - Kid Talks about Johnny Cash
Making The Video of American Bad Ass
Making The Video of Forever
Mancow Intro
Minneapolis 4-13-06 TV ad
Misc cell phone/digital camera vids from 06 shows
Motor City Motormouth Documentary Trailer
MotorcycleMania 3
MTV Celebrity Deathmatch (Eminem Vs. Kidrock & Joe C)
MTV Fanatic
MTV Interview (I Am The Scene)
MTV Interview (I Might Be Wrong, But You Ain't Right)
MTV Interview (You Want Some Eggs This Morning, Motherfucker)
MTV mini biography broadcast in 1999
MTV Music Awards 2007
MTV News 98
MTV News: Wedding Plans
MTV Punk'd
MTV Rock Soft 1998 Interview
MTV2 Not a Good Look 2
MTV's 120 Mins
MTV's Bowling Bash Rock n' Jock
MTV's Bumped Up
MTV's Most Rock Hard Videos A-Z
MTV's Trippin' (Both Episodes)
MTV's TRL 10-09-2007
MTV Yearbook 1999_Kid Rocks The Strip Joint
MuchOnDemand 10-12-2007
Much Music TV (2003)
Much Music Spotlight
Must See Concert List on MTV
NBA minute promo - 2004 NBA Championship
New Years Eve 1998 Clip (news review)
On Bob Seger (Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame 3-15-2004 1)
On Bob Seger (Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame 3-15-2004 2)
On Johnny Cash - 8-26-03
Only God Knows WHy - VH1 Top 25 Greatest Ballads
Osmosis Jones Movie
Overdrive (European TV Show Performances)
Pamela Anderson Love Chain
Pamela ANderson Love Chain (clip 2)
Party With Kid Rock (interview tour of kid's basement)
Politically Incorrect talk show
Presenting Album of the year with Lee Ann Rimes on CMT Awards 2003
Red Hot Red Carpet Interview
Rolling Stone Cover Photo Shoot
Royal Rumble WWF Promo (Cocky mucic in background)
Run's House Episode - 2007
Ryan Seacreast show Interivew
Say What Karaoke
So Hott ESPN Highlights 09-23-07
So Hott (Max Uncensored on Cinemax - Interview)
Soldier Support Kuwait/Iraq Vid
Somebody's Gotta Feel This ESPN Promo
Stacked Season 2 Episode 1 (2 short clips of this episode which kid rock was in)
Star 95.7 Radio Parts 1 - 3
Street Dreams (talks about rap and P Diddy)
Stripperella Theme (Intro)
Stripperella Episode "You Only Lick Twice"
Thanks for Watching from VH1 X-Mas (not aired)
The Devil Knows My Name (Unauthorized Documentary)
The Ellen DeGeneres Sow 10-25-2007 (Interview)
The Hour (CBS Interview 2007)
The Diary of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit
The New Music (Hannah Sung) Interview
The New Music (Hannah Sung) Interview 2
The New Music (Hannah Sung) Interview 3
The Simpsons "Spring Break" Episode
The Ted Smith Cinnamon Challenge with Kid Rock on KISW Rock Radio
TRL 11/09/01 A lengthy interview with Carson Daly
TV Commercial Ad for Milwaukee, WI 1-30-2008 Concert
TV Guide's The 411 News Report (2007)
Underrated & Unsung Official Documentary
Undertaker "American Bad Ass" Enterence Video
USO Show
VCast Commercial (superbowl 2005)
Vegas Report on Bob playing at the Palms (2007)
VH1 30 Years of Hip Hop (on Eminem)
VH1 30 Years of HIp Hop (On Hip Hop 2)
VH1 30 Years of Hip Hop (On Hip Hop)
VH1 News Report about 2003 Kid Rock album
VH1 Top 25 Greatest Ballads Commercial
VH1's Best Week Ever 2-20-05 (Report on DJ Fight)
VH1's Driven
WAAF Radio Show Report on Woodstock 99 (before the event)
Warm up at Las Vegas 02 show w. Ron Jeremy
We're an American Bad at Union Street Station
WWF Desire Video (Lonely Road music in background)
WWF Kid Rock Special

Misc related Kid Rock and TBT Items:

Flash Intro for just after cocky release
Girls Flashing Outside of a Texas 2004 show to get free tickets (video)
Inside Kid Rock Monster Truck w/ Driver (video)
Jam Rag Interview with kid rock (December 29th 1994) (txt file)
Kenny Olson Performing with a misc band (4 seperage videos)
Kenny Olson Signing Autographs and Riding a MotorCycle (3 seperate videos)
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Stage Setup for 2-24-06 Nashville, TN
Tony Stewart "Smoke" Documentary (kid rock as narriator)