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Get Music Codes Here!!!!!


Come here to get all music codes you can think of from Hip-Hop to Country . You name it we got it.

If you don't see a song code that you want just request it and I will do my best to have it up in no time. I guarentee that I have the best music codes but only for me and my baby, and if you don't think so then fuck you. You know what fuck you anywayz casue the only persons that matter to me is MAURA, BROOKE, and JOSHUA! :-)

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I'm Kevin and I have made this site so that me and my fiance can get all the music codes we want when we want them. But I have now decided that instead of using it for just that I will help the rest of the world get the music codes they want when they want them. I won't be able to get every song that is requested but I will do my best to get most of them just request the song only one time please. Once you have requested your song give me about a week or so to get it and if it isn't posted by then request it again.