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Conference Schedule

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October 27-29, 2006

Information and Itinerary

Schedule subject to change


Friday, October 27, 2006
Wisdom Word Women Opening Reception
at The African American Museum in Philadelphia

7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Sistah of Ceremonies: Gail Hawkins-Bush

Featured Performer: Sherry Wilson Butler
  • Vocalist, Entertainer, Recording/Performing Artist.

    Having appeared at various jazz venues, as well as recording and performing with numerous artists around the world, Sherry is one of the jazz network's most exciting vocal talents!! For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

    Spoken Word Artist: RhapsodE—RHAPSODE - lives up to her name by fusing poetry, singing, rhythm and emotion-filled words sometimes set to music, and effortlessly hands them over to the audience to do what they will.

    For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.
    Poet Performance: U-Meleni Mhlaba
  • Actress, Activist-Educator and Singer/Musician

    A multi-talented Zimbabwean-American Artist, Actress,she has been performing her poetry/songs in many venues in Boston and abroad since 1996. She holds a Masters in Education with a concentration in Drama and Multicultural Learning, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology from Lesley University and the University of Massachusetts respectively. For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

    Poet Performance: Tania Asili
  • Teacher, Poet, Singer and Visual Artist
    Taína’s voice speaks from a place of soul and struggle. Listen closely with your heart and hear with your spirit; it sounds like rebellion and feels like revolution. She embodies militant machetero medusa mama movement of jah people; and when she screams, Borinquen is free at last. For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.


    Saturday, October 28, 2006
    Working Together Workshops
    Temple University
    1114 Berks St- Anderson Hall

    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Registration
    Location: Anderson Hall, Lobby

    8:00 - 9:00 AM Lite Continental Breakfast
    Location: Anderson Hall, Lobby

    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Exhibit Pavilion
    Location: Anderson Hall, Lobby

    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Silent Auction “A Dream Deferred”
    Location: TBD

    9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Welcome & Keynote Address

    Sistah of Ceremonies & Introductions: Tiffany Bacon
  • Radio Personality, Vocalist & Entertainer.

    Host of the neo-soul/ecclectic Hip Hop/new artist show called Inner City on Power 99fm WUSL in Philadelphia (now in it's 7th year), and co-founder of the The Headline Theater Company. For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

    Opening Statements: Debra Powell-Wright & Pat McLean-RaShine

    Welcome:Anne D. Hyman
  • Founder of PASCEP

    PASCEP was founded in 1975 by Annie D. Hyman, a Temple University graduate and North Philadelphia community activist who sought to bring the University to the community. Prior to coming to Temple, the Community Education Program was held in community schools, churches and centers. University faculty volunteered their time to teach classes. Ms. Hyman later obtained the support of Dr. Odeyo Ayaga, who was then Chairman of the Pan-African Studies Department, to seek Temple University’s sponsorship of the Community Education Program. For more info about Nana Hyman and the PASCEP Program CLICK HERE.

    9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION

    Aishah Shahidah Simmons
  • Director of NO! a documentary which confronts sexual assault in the African American community.

    NO! features testimonies of seven women and interviews with historians, anthropologists and violence prevention advocates who examine sexual violence in the African American community. It also examines sexual violence during slavery, the Civil Rights and Black Nationalist movements and date rape on college campuses, and how attitudes within the Black community hinder justice. For more info about the director and the film CLICK HERE.

    10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. – Workshop Sessions

  • Marketing to Capture Your Network
    Facilitator: Michelle Mitchell

    Women are extremely talented and creative people. And, women always have great ideas. Talent, creativity, and great ideas are exactly the tools that can turn dreams into a business. But businesses don't run on talent and creativity alone. How do you determine your target market? What are some of the ways in which you can get the word out to the larger population about what services or products you have to offer? This workshop will identify marketing strategies that will help you grow your business beyond your immediate network of family and friends. In fact, Michelle Mitchell of Ladybug Marketing Consultants will show you how to make new friends in business! For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

  • Conversations With My Conscience
    Facilitator: Sannii Crespina-Flores

    Love in all of its forms: familial, agape and Eros, can be a spell binding force that bind us to pains that can become rivers of tears that separate us from ourselves and our potential to become divine beings. Or, it can liberate one’s spirit to sing a song that would change the heart of a weary soul. The presenter has been honored and privileged to instruct art workshops designed to express the ideologies and views of local youth in a positive and constructive manner. It is her hope to instill the concept of self-love, evolution of thought, and artistic revolution with the community that they reside. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

  • Mentoring: Guiding Girls to Grow towards Greatness”
    Facilitators: Rev. Yvonne Florence

    Studies have shown that mentoring plays an important role in the lives of adults and young people. What exactly is mentoring? Mentoring is the process in which one acts as a teacher, coach and confidant to help guide someone in every aspect of their life, which means, physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and administrative. Mentoring means to:

    Invest and Inspire
    Networking that will
    Guide Girls in Growing towards Greatness

    Using the model above, this proposal will seek to show how “Mentoring: Guiding Girls in Growing towards Greatness” can be important in the development of young girls and fulfilling for adults. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

  • How Do We Do It? Building Healthy Mother/Daughter Relationships
    Facilitators: Pamela Myers & Enasha Tettehfio

    Designed to aid in developing nurturing relationships between mothers and daughters through the lifespan. This workshop will include the introduction of current research, anecdotal stories, and practice opportunities for skill building techniques. Through the use of interactive activities and open discussion, where participants will be asked to honestly reflect on their relationships with the mothers or daughters in their own lives, participants will leave feeling nurtured and ready to face the challenge of allowing ourselves as women. For more info about these workshop leaders CLICK HERE.

  • CHAT-Community Healthy Advice for Teens
    Facilitator: Armenta Washington

    Through her work at Family Planning Council, Ms. Washington is involved in federal and regional funded projects to address Teen Pregnancy, STD and HIV prevention. One of her true passions is to implement a Social Enterprise program with a focus on therapeutic African-Centered Rites of Passage for families.
    Workshop participants will receive free publications produced by the Family Planning. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

  • LineDancercise
    Facilitator: Martina Martinez

    11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Lunch on Your Own

  • Film: NO! The Rape Documentary Produced and Directed by : Aishah Shahidah Simmons

    “If the Black community in the Americas and in the world would save itself, it must complete the work that this film begins.” –Alice Walker

    94 minutes, 2006
    Co-Producers: Tamara L. Xavier, Gail M. Lloyd
    Associate Producers: Joan W. Brannon, Wadia L. Gardiner, Salamishah Tillet, Amadee Braxton
    Editor: Sharon M. Mullally
    Contributing Editor: Gail M. Lloyd
    Composer: Giscard Xavier
    Fiscal Sponsor: Women Make Movies
    Distributor: California Newsreel
    For more info about the film CLICK HERE.

  • Film: MOTHER'S NATURE Produced & Directed by: Dale Pierce Nielsen

    The main reason I’m proud of “Mother’s Nature” is because it allowed me to voice a language, a humor, a way of thinking and a passion that is a Black woman’s, but is woefully lacking in mainstream media. Yes, we get mad, we might curse you out, and we can dance. But we also love, desire, a share a respect of our families, our men, our communities and ourselves. We are not just victims or vixens. We are multi-dimensional, and complex. And even our simple stories have depth. For more info about the film CLICK HERE.

    1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Panel Discussion

  • Reel Sistahs/Real Issues: Sex, Love, Power, & Passion
    Dale Pierce Nielsen, Facilitator
    Panelists: Workshop Leaders - TBA

    1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Writing & Performing Workshops

  • Producing Poetry for the Stage & Beyond
    Featured Performer: Kanene Holder

    Kanene remixes poetry and acting into SITCHAASSDOWN, a one-woman theatrical experiment deemed “Shock and Awe with an Intellectual Aftertaste”, due to its amalgamation of farce and socio-political truth performed at the NY International Fringe Festival, The Schomburg and The African Burial Ground. Commercials for BET and Comedy Central and received a grant from The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

  • Profile of A Princess” Poetry Workshop Spoken Word Artist: RhapsodE—(Info coming soon)

  • “Spirit Circles” Tapping Into Your Power with Words U-Meleni Mhlaba

    2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Creativity & Healing Workshop

  • SECRETS CAN HURT YOU: Sexual Violence from Childhood to Adulthood—Let the Healing Begin!
    Facilitator: Roxanne E. Epperson

    Sexual violence is a serious problem that affects millions of people every year. Rape is one of the most underreported crimes. As a result, many people (children, women and men) are suffering in silence. This silence can have very harmful and lasting consequences that can affect one physically, psychologically, and socially; and can influence decisions regarding health behaviors. If one is to heal from this abuse, the silence must end. Survivors of sexual violence must learn that they are not at fault and should not be ashamed of behaviors that were not of their doing. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

    3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Workshop Sessions

    Beyond the Expiration Date: How to Recognize & End Toxic Relationships
    Facilitator: Tara Nicole Gaudin

    A “toxic relationship” is any relationship that results in a woman feeling disempowered, disregarded, disrespected, and discouraged by the actions and/or words of another. Toxic relationships include any or all forms of abuse (physical, verbal/emotional, sexual, and economical) perpetrated by family members, friends, co-workers, or intimate partners. These abuses often result in an obliteration of self-esteem, a dashing of dreams, a murdering of motivation, and a stifling of spirit. But there is hope! This workshop will empower participants to end any toxic relationships they may be in now, and to seek and maintain healthy, life-giving ones for the future. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

  • Mothers: Raising young boys to be strong men:
    Facilitator: Joel Austin

    This workshop will focus on the best ways to raise young boys. We will focus on discipline, education, respect, and puberty. You will be able to avoid most of the stress and the dificulty of raising boys to be men. You will learn step by step how to avoid bad grades, bad manners, truancy, disrespect, and delinquency while remaining in control. You will also learn, "About your own parenting skills." If you are strong enough to bear them, then you should be strong enough to enter this workshop ! For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

  • Implementing Spirituality in the Lives of Youth.
    Facilitator: Janet Coston

    Many of our youth today are spiritually deprived and in order to promote wholeness in their lives, there is a need for spiritually to be implemented. Spiritually is not a fixed or absolute state but rather has the ability to grow through studying doctrine and prayer. “Spiritually” walk hand in hand with faith and doctrine. Parents and responsible adults are needed to help guide young people with their spiritual growth. Youth need to understand how to relate their personal beliefs to their everyday behavior. Growing spiritually will teach them to maintain obedience and examine themselves. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

    "Unveiling the Secrets: Ceremonies & Rituals for Life's Transitions"
    Facilitators: Valerie Allen & Afi Heywood

    This Rites of Passage ceremony is based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa – a unique African-American celebration with a focus on family, community responsibility, commerce and self-improvement. It is neither political nor religious. This workshop will explore the importance of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations to mark the numerous transitions of women from the womb to womanhood. A model for developing an 8-week curriculum that would culminate in a rites of passage ceremony for adolescent and teen girls will be presented. The method of presentation will be experiential exercises, discussion and participation in a sample class and ceremony. For more info about these workshop leaders CLICK HERE.

  • Mother & Daughter Relationships
    Facilitator: Robin Maddox

    The role of a mother is the highest calling and assignment given to any woman who have either biologically birthed or is raising a child (ren) as an adoptive, foster, or surrogate parent. No ascribed dollar value can be assigned or tagged to being a mother. Building a lasting and rewarding relationship between mother and daughter is the best gift that one can have. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

    3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  • DanceSing4Fitness
    Facilitator: Gloria Kincade

    Ms. Kingcade’s style is “learn & teach”, “teach & learn”,
    she founded “D.A.S.H.E.R.S. Entertainment Network” (Dancing and Singing Help Everyone Relieve Stress.)
    The dancing is R&B or Soul Line Dancing and the singing is Karaoke. “D.A.S.H.E.R.S. Entertainment Network” is partnered with: Fun, Fit & Free - The City of Philadelphia’s Health and Fitness Initiative. For more info about this workshop leader CLICK HERE.

    5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Chat & Chew

    Use this time to meet some of the women you have spent the day with. Listen to how these extraordinary women have improved the world around them and the roads they have taken. More importantly, find out how YOU can become a Leader!


    Sunday, October 29, 2006
    Celebrating Ourselves Awards Luncheon
    The Philadelphia Room
    410-24 N. 8th Street
    Philadelphia, PA

    1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Mistress of Ceremony & Featured Performer: Stephanie Renee

  • Vocalist, Entertainer, Recording/Performing Artist.

    She likes to call herself SYNTHESIS...the act of fusing distinct entities to a new, unique creation. With songwriting and vocal skills that groove and dip across genre, Stephanie Renee masterfully combines influences from jazz, R&B, house and rock music into a mix of sounds that seduces and entrances her listeners. For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Angelia D. Nelson

    Movitational Speaker and deput author Dr. Angelia D. Nelson has over fifteen years of experience working with underprivileged children as a coach, teacher, and non-profit specialist. She is currently working with three-time USA Olympian and professional basketball player, Dawn Staley creating quality academic and sport programs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Nelson received her undergraduate degree from Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, North Carolina and a master's degree in sport administration from Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida. She also earned a doctoral degree from Florida State University in Sport Administration. Her Passion is encouraging young people living in the ghetto to 'dream and live their boldest dreams. For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

    Featured Poet: B. Victoria Duram
    Some of Victoria's past performances include:
  • The Locks Conference - Featured Spoken Word Performer - Philadelphia, PA
  • Dear Brutus - Principal (Reading) - The Actor’s Center
  • Balm In Gilead - Principal (Reading) - The Actor’s Center
  • Lady Day in Her Words - Principal (Billie Holiday) - BBC
  • HBO’s “The Wire” - Extra - Pat Moran and Associates
  • Teen Summit - Cast & “Posse” Member - Black Entertainment Television
  • Live at the Writer’s House - Featured Poet & Performer WXPN Radio Philadelphia For more info about this dynamic performer CLICK HERE.

  • “Profile of A Princess” Awards

    “Soaring Sistahs” Awards

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