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    If your headed to Las Vegas, you will want to know about shows to go see and, Louie Louie is the one I highly recommend to everyone. It is an ultra high-energy show that no other lounge performers can match.

    There is a news update regarding Louie Louie. At the end of October, Louie Louie will be no longer performing at the MGM Grand. They will be performing at other casinos, and conventions. A favorite and longtime band member, Gino G who was a drummer for Louie since the early 1990's. He will surely be missed by everyone who attends the show weekly but the show will go on. I have lots of faith in Louie and his future which looks so very bright!

    The reason that Louie Louie's show is so amazing is because they always have the coolest costumes, and of course, no other performers in Vegas can dance like Louie! When Louie sings, he sounds alot like Prince and sings some of Prince's songs such as "When Doves Cry."

    There is a two drink mininum purchase in order to see Louie Louie and other performances at this Showbar lounge. One of my favorite drink recommendations is the Midori Sour. If you need a good buzz, a Bahamma Mamma is highly recommended; of course there are many other drink selections such as beer, wine, and much more.

    According to this one website I've come across regarding Louie Louie "is now available for your next corporate event - contact us today to arrange an appearance for your next special event." For more information go to If you go to websites such as Google, and Yahoo! and type up Louie Cordero in the search box for example, you can find songs, albums, books, etc to collect. Go to and you can find older Louie Louie or Louie Cordero albums for low prices.


    THE STATE I'M IN -1990, WTG
     1) The State I'm In
     2) Sittin' in the Lap of Luxury 
     3) I Wanna Get Back with You
     4) Mata Hari
     5) Penny Lady
     6) Stop Lookin' for Someone Else
     7) Hurt Baby
     8) Let Me Divorce You
     9) I'm Sorry That it Happened to You
    10) Variety is the Spice of Life
    11) Rodeo Clown 

    LET'S GET STARTED, 1993, Reprise 1) Let's Get Started 2) The Thought of It 3) Walk with Me 4) Get Blue 5) Brother Louie 6) You're so R&B 7) Too Much Pressure 8) All I Do is Toss & Turn 9) All in one Breath 10) Dance unto the Rythym 11) Aggression

    LOUIE CORDERO 1) One More Try 2) Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got) 3) All My Loving 4) Don't Say You Love Me 5) Bulletproof Heart 6) 5*6*8*3 7) Noise 8) Can't Stop Falling in Love 9) Junkyard of Love 10) Una vez Mas 11) Un cementerio de Amor 12) No digas que me amas 13) No Hay Ninguna Como Mi Mujer

    DANCE LOVE WORK,2002, DLW 1) Press Play 2) Cold Turkey 3) All I Know 4) Dance Love Work 5) You Make Me Feel Good 6) Lonely (Won't Stay Out of my life) 7) Reassurance 8) Lights of Vegas 9) Mad Love 10) Masugarna 11) Where Did I Go Right? 12) He Said She Said 13) Smoke 14) Looked Up to the Sky


    "Pure Visual Energy" ~ Mike Weatherford, LV R-J

    "The Wildest Show in Vegas!"

    The Band

    Louie's real name is Louie Cordero and grew up in California with three brothers and two sisters. Throughout his childhood, his family moved frequently through the state and he went to a new school almost every year. When Louie was 15, he started entering and winning dance contests at colleges. When he graduated from high school, he worked in the car business by day like his Dad, but still continued to do the dance contests at various clubs around Southern California at night. He eventually quit selling cars to pursue dancing and acting full-time.

    Louie was in Madonna's Borderline Video-Louie's First Video! in the 80's. He moved to Las Vegas about six years ago to become a more successful muscian and has played at many casinos, and other locations in Las Vegas such as Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Fremont Street, and now he is at the MGM Grand and plays in the Showbar lounge. Some of Louie's favorite deserts are chocolate eclairs and I'm sure he loves Ethel M Chocolates-A Vegas Favorite Treat!

    Some of Louie's favorite singers are Stevie Wonder, Cher, and Santana. Some of my two favorite remakes Louie Louie performs are "Drift Away," and "In the End." There are some songs from each which are performed at the Louie Louie show on Friday and Saturdays nights at the MGM Grand Showbar Lounge.

    Read More About Louie!

    More Louie ,


    Louie C: Vocals, dance, percussion.

    Gino G: Is originally from Santa Ana, California. He has his own music studio and does percussion and the vocals.

    Sam Bam: Is also from Southern California and does percussion, vocals, and dancing.

    Vicious Vernon: Does percussion, dancing, and rap.

    Andre the Giant: Bass, Dance, vocals, and percussion.

    Diva Adrienne: Vocals, Dance


    Las Vegas is famous for buffets and my favorite is at the Palms. The Palms has a wide selection entrees, a great salad bar, mouth-watering selection of fresh Italian style bread such as rosemary and sourdough, Chinese, and delectable deserts such as pecan pie or chocolate eclairs.

    Sam Bam

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    Peja Stojakovic

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