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FreeLance Productions

Freelance Productions is a whole new record label designed to be a collaboration between Bigman (Jasper George Kidder) and Shadow (Ben Welna).Me and Shadow are going to start making songs together and make solo albums.

Freelance Productions Bio

This is my 3rd record label since i started to be interested in being an artist.I ran a record label before this called Eclipse Records.
I ran that by myself until i decided my self to shut it down.After that i started my 3rd record company,Freelance Productions.
Freelance Productions is a collaboration between me and Shadow.I run the company, he is the composer.I'm going to head the company cause i'm the creator

This started on 4/11/05 when i told him that i was dropping eclipse records and starting off fresh.
He then decided to dropped his label,Blue Label Productions and joined with me.

Announcement 4/25/05:

We have a new webmaster, Paul Ethridge.
may know him as the webmaster for the Former Eclipse Records.
as of 5/1/05, when the old website goes down, he will be taking over his new job with us.
We wish him the best of luck in creating the all new Freelance Productions Website.

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