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Photo Credits: Phil Williams, 517-0200

Every Wed. at Capella's - Tulsa, OK - with Tom Skinner's Science Project - 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM

Every Thursday - Thursday Science 'with the Dons', Snockers, Bartlesville, OK, 8:30 PM

April 16 - Lola's with Monica Taylor and Jared Tyler, Tulsa, OK

April 18 - The Arbor, Belle Plain, KS

April 22 - The Blue Door - Bob Childers Tribute, OKC, OK

April 25 - Frank & Lola's with Monica Taylor, Bartlesville, OK

April 26 - The Grape Ranch with Monica Taylor,Okemah, OK

May 1 - Roxie's with Monica Taylor & Jared Tyler, Tahlequah, OK

May 9 - Bixby BBQ with the Red Dirt Rangers, 11AM-1PM, Bixby, OK

May 15 - The Union Depot with the Red Dirt Rangers, Tulsa, OK

May 16 - May Fest with the Red Dirt Rangers, Tulsa, OK

May 24 - The Grape Ranch, Okemah, OK