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x_Food For Thought
Sunday, July 17, 2005
2 + 2 = 5
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: // xfire | the bens //
Topic: complaining
Person 1: How old are you?
Person 2: I am the 6th root of 64 plus 4 more than your age minus my brother's age.

Okay. WHO in their right mind would give you an answer like that to portray their age?! Is it just me or are things like this just...pointless? I mean, sure, math is important in real life and stuff. But to this extent? Maybe for scientists/mathematicians(sp?) you need all this crap, but say you work as like, a cashier person in Le Lotus Bleu. Or whatever store you like. There is no reason for knowing the degree of the last angle of the triangle to figure out how much a shirt costs.
I've come to the conclusion that there isn't a point to every aspect of highschool math. Yes, some of it is useful and needed in life, but other stuff...if you want to grow a plant, you don't need the exact ratio of water to light that it needs. All you've got to do is give it some water, and keep it in the light.
But I guess, for now, we must continue to put ourselves through torture (aka, daily 50 point tests for me) and let our heads hurt and fill with numbers and equations.

Posted by music6/confuzzled at 11:29 PM HDT
Updated: Monday, July 18, 2005 7:17 AM HDT
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Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: amber pacific - thoughts before me
ive wanted to write in my blog for a while (by the way, i just moved my grand total of THREE entries from my blogspot blog to this angelfire one *waits for applause*) but i'm torn between writing, doing other things that i want to do, and doing things that i should be doing.

i can't decide: should i read harry potter, or the bible? update my blog or do my math homework? watch tv, or clean my room?

the little voice inside my head is always the same...actually the voiceS. bad and good, right and wrong...angel and devil, as portrayed in cartoons and stuff.

you should just do your math homework, get it over with and then you can do whatever you want, no pressure to finish math.
but what if you don't finish math and you don't get to do anything for fun until next week, when summer school is over...and then you won't EVER get to update your blog cause you're going on a trip!
but what happens if you're doing something other than what you're SUPPOSED to be doing, and your parents walk in and yell at you?

the stupid voices won't shut up. i know i should be doing my math homework right now, but i've been meaning to write, as well. like on wednesday, when i got baptized without my parents knowing..i had what i was going to say all thought out in my head, but i never got a chance to write it out.

anyways, i hope someone finds this blog so i'll get comments and stuff, i hate it when my blogs go completely and totally unnoticed. so if you're looking at this, please leave a comment to show that you are out there. it would make me happy.

OMG. harry potter and half blood prince came out yesterday. and i finished it last night - im about 150 pages through my 2nd read-through. ive found that it takes several going-throughts to completely understand all the facts and put together puzzle pieces, remember bits of information and stuff like that. i must've read through the 1st and 2nd books at least 10 or 11 times each.

i love harry potter. the story is so creative, and even if it's not the best writing, it's really complex and ... analyzable. Haha, like those huge books that are completely devoted to analyzing each and every word that JK Rowling wrote from every possible aspect. I guess I can't say what happened because that would be a SPOILER and it would SPOIL the story for everyone who hasn't read it yet.

Tom Felton is hot.

Posted by music6/confuzzled at 11:19 PM HDT
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Sunday, July 10, 2005
i am the half-blood prince
Now Playing: alexisonfire_ counterparts and number them
tomorrow (or i guess today, since its like 12:30 right now...) i have to go to the library. my books are due in 2 days and i want to get this other book about blogging that i saw last time i went. god im such a dork.

i was looking at random bloggers cause i was bored, and so i just kept pressing next blog, next blog, next blog....there are sooo many blogs that are like, lsjdfcovisf and they have absolutely nothing, some are just long long lists of ads for different things...what's the point? is blogspot just a spam journal for most people? i swear, i couldn't find a SINGLE interesting blog. there were a bunch that were written in completely different languages too.

or maybe i just dont find some of the ones that actually have writing in them to be interesting, cause i dunno who it is, what they're like, etc etc. i dunno. ill look around for a few more minutes, then cuddle up with a book.

HARRY POTTER!! SIX DAYS!! i cannot WAIT. midnight party w/ terry and elise, we will wear wizard hats and shirts proclaiming 'i am the half-blood prince'. cause we're cool like that. actually, terry's is going to say that. i dunno yet what i'll write on mine. i think elise is going to say 'nothing comes between me & harry potter' or something.

im so unoriginal, i cant think of anything. o well.

Posted by music6/confuzzled at 12:01 AM HDT
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Saturday, July 9, 2005
new blog
Now Playing: || acceptance - different ||
yeah. welcome.

this is gonna be my new blog, until i get bored of it, or forget the password.

its too bad i didn't go to alison's party. it wouldve been fun...her first small party, i never thought id see the day...but i am SO sick and tired of seeing her and 'james' together. they always hold hands, they always sit super close, they always are off in their own fucking happy world.
i know, i should be happy for them, they are two of my very good friends...but...

wait a minute. is james one of my 'very good friends'? i mean, he doesnt even say bye to me when i leave after school. even when i sit right next to him and stand up and tell him i have to go, he doesnt say bye. i mean, how hard is it to say that? b-y-e. eddie says hi and bye and will talk to me even when im not with other people, which is what james does...

alison used to be, but i started getting quite mad at her when i was 'going out' with james and they flirted up a storm...and then when they started going out...

i think the problem is, i still like him. i think. i dunno.

boys confuse me.

Posted by music6/confuzzled at 12:01 AM HDT
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