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Here we show drawings of young choir members in their special robes. We do this to give an idea what kind of uniforms are used for choirs of young people.

Of course, we enjoy above all their singing. They do a great job! It is wonderful and amazing to see how many girls and boys participate with so much enthusiasm in choral activities and what a high level of quality in singing they have. Over time we also got more and more interested in what kind of garments they wear while performing. Surely a choir doesn't need a uniform to sing beautiful music. But as we are interested in fashion we were just eager to prepare this presentation of some choirs wearing interesting uniforms and to learn more about this kind of garments. There are so many varieties of uniforms in different countries. Just take a look.

We have two galleries. One gallery shows kind of standard uniforms very similar to those used by many choirs but also some imagined uniforms. The other gallery shows uniforms of real choirs.
Our third page invites you to selected links to choirs of young people.

Choir uniform-gallery showing kind of standard uniforms but also some imagined uniforms.

Choir uniform-gallery showing uniforms of real choirs.

Links to external homepages of girls-, children- and youth choirs.

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