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THE WOLF WITHIN is copywrite protected music by Pamela ~Bluebird~. You are listening to Mother Wolf Cries.

List of Tracks:

1. Mother Wolf Cries 2. Summers Rain
3. Ravens Lullaby 4. The Hunt 5. Water Spirit
6. Whispering Willows 7. Lone Wolf
8. Mountain Whispers 9. Lightning Wolf
10. Path of Spirit Wolf

In the stillness of the night, the wolf within us stirs. Listen to the howls of Lone Wolf as flutes and birds sing. Hear Mother Wolfs love for her mate as she protects her pups. Ravens Lullaby, will soothe your restless soul as Water Spirit transcends you to a magical world. Hear Lightning Wolf with fire in his eyes as thunder howls, drums pound, reminding you of his strength and courage. Profound relaxation fills your mind as Willow chimes and flute relax you into serenity. Gifted by Creator, the relaxing music of her flutes along with her own recordings of “nature sounds” makes her music unique. A musical journey of the heart and imagination include rain, thunder and lightning, babbling brooks, wolves, birds, rattles, flutes and drums.

The Wolf Within may be purchased for $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

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