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News and Updates

4-7-05... Last nights show was a huge success... Bc and Doc came out second after a pretty slow first act, before they hit stage the person running the show pulled BC to the side and told him that the place was way to dead and he was counting on us to livin' the place up...And they did just that, they opened up with the track "Aww Yea" and the crowd went nuts. Following that track was 4 others, during one of wich there was a guest apearence from Mike "The mumbala" Rivera with some break dancing, the crowd loved it. If you couldnt attend that show dont worry there will be others, check the shows page to find out when you can see them soon!

3-16-05... BIG NEWS... The site just got a message board/forum, make sure you register a name in there and keep coming back! The more people that register the better, keep it real with your favorite emcees. If you got music post it up in there, it will be listened to! If you got pictures post them, post up anything you want, no rules. On other news we'll be hitting your area soon with the cd's single, so make sure you got the money to cop' it! Oh and we just found out that the counter on the bottom of the page is lying to everyone, in the last 3 days we have had over 400 views of the site, the counter shows less than that.

3-13-05.... The site is almost finished. We added pictures, bio's and other stuff... The guest book is up now so make sure you sign that. The shows will be listed soon, we are still trying to confirm all the dates, so keep coming back and checking that out. And make sure if you havnt allready bought a single you buy one now! If you dont know how you can get one just send an e mail to the address on the main page and we will get back to you.

3-8-05.... BC and Dr. Shinobi are just a few songs away from finishing the new album "Music To My Ears". The single is out now so make sure you get your copy! The single features the 3 songs, "Aww Yea", "Freak In The Sheets", and the title track "Music To My Ears"(Snippets of each track should be playing when you open the site).

"The album will feature 15 tracks, all bangers, all produced by me(BC). This album will be ground breaking, it will take hip hop to a whole new level, and it will (and i mean WILL) make anyone who doubts us a believer."-BC