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Music To My Ears

Music To My Ears - "In my own words, to define music to my ears... I gotta say it's simply anything that makes you feel happy. A comfort zone. It doesn't nessesarily have to be music.. that's irrelevent. It can be a poem, a significant other, even a feeling. You can look at life as music to your ears. Basically it's anything you want it to be. What we're talking about is Hip-Hop. It's what we live for.. hence the album title. We're starting a revolution baby!" - Dr. Shinobi

Music To My Ears - "Music to your ears is a way of expressing something that you have a strong passion for, something that makes you feel better than great. It can be anything, if you got something you love doing, something that makes you feel great, it's music to your ears. To me making this music is what I love, it's what I live for, it's 100 percent me, it's the music to my ears. If your a music lover as I am, then you know the feeling that you get when you hear your favorite song come on the stereo, for at least the time that it's playing you can be completly happy. That can be compared to anything in life, if anything makes you feel like that, it's music to your ears." - B.C.

Album Title - Music To My Ears
Release Date - Summer 2005
Artists - B.C. and Dr. Shinobi
Production - B.C.
Art Work - Mike "The Mumbala" Rivera and B.C.
Manufacturing - Disc Makers
Single - Track list is... 1. Aww Yea, 2. Freak In The Sheets, 3. Music To My Ears Ft. Hue Digg. Snippits should be heard on the site in that order. Released 3-15-05 so make sure you get your copy today!