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Dr. Shinobi aka Mr. LePage

-Coming soon...A long exciting story featuring 19 years of life from your favorite Emcee... But just because I know your thirsty for knowledge on the subject I will provide you with a short version of the story....

Born Tyler J. LePage sometime in the year of 1985, eh do the math he's 19. Tyler fell in love with Hip Hop at a young age, listening to a lot of wu-tang clan (you might remember they were pretty big in the 90's). Sometime in the year of 2002 Tyler J. LePage decided to become known as Dr. Shinobi (before Shinobi there was about 37 different names). To make the name official he quickly put a sticker up on the back windsheild of his car (the volve'), the sticker read, "Dr. Shinobi". But after being pulled over several times by the local police department,(who would of thought the police would pull someone over for that?) he made the wise decision of taking the sticker down, not long after he got rid of the car. But dont worry folks, he did keep the name, and he did keep rapping....And boy did he get good fast, maturing from simply a reguler rapper, to a rapper that stood out in a crowd of people..He continues to bless tracks with his smooth vocals and creative hard hittin' punch lines. Oh yea one more thing he would want me to tell you, he has his own apartment now, he's ballin big time baby!!!