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BC aka Bobby mua' F**kin' Chittick

-Coming Soon...An exciting story all about your favorite rapper/producer, also known as the hardest working man(without a job) alive!!!...But sence i know you want to know all about his greatness right away, I will provide you with a short, down to the point version of the story...And it goes...

Born Robert M. Chittick in the year of 1986, thats right folks he's 18, soon to be 19. Robert, better known as Bobby, fell in love with the beautful, cutting edge sounds of rap at a very young age. He decided it was what he wanted to do with his life at the age of 14,(pretty young to decide your career huh). Blah blah blah he built a studio in his fathers basement, worked hard, and became the prodigy that he is today. So why dont you buy his cd and support him as soon as you can!...Oh yea one more thing i know he would like me to tell you...Ladys, he is single, so if you would be so kind to send your name, number, and of course a photo to the e mail address on the opening page of the site, he will be sure to get back to you, if your worthy of course.