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About Me

Mind Altering RecordS
I have switched hosts, please visit my new website at:

Old news below:


01/05/08 Overload -- A Brief Improvisation
Hey Everyone,

I've finally added another video to my site. It's a quick improvisation in the key of A minor.
If you're wondering about the title, it doesn't really mean anything, but if you cannot tell, I
had programming on my mind, when I was titling the song. The song is located in the video
section, appropriately.

08/10/07 Double Trouble
Good evening,

I'm in a generous mood, so I've decided to do a large update. Not only are you guys going to get
a new song and a new game, but they are the most enjoyable additions to date.

Here's the breakdown:
Checkers - The classic board game, in virtual form, never seems to get old. Have fun playing this by
yourself or with a friend.
October's End - I enjoyed this improvisation so much, that I decided to give it a title, "October's End"

Your's truly,

08/10/07 New Song
I just uploaded my version of Fly Me to the Moon. Its just an instrumental, but the song is spectacular.
By the way, I am adding a video section for all of my youtube videos.

Thanks for visiting my site,

04/24/07 About me section -- Complete!
My sister, Jenny, did a wonderful favor for me. She wrote a short biography about me which is now
listed in the 'about me' section. The short work provides glimpse into my pleasant life.


04/24/07 Recreating the website
Welcome, everyone, to my improved website. I'll be organizing all of my files and adding
an intuitive navigation system. You can expect this to be finished over the next couple
of days. It's not really a daunting task because I don't have much content so far, and
the only content I will be adding is this news section.

If you haven't been here before, this website is dedicated to my creations - video games
and music. Please enjoy your stay.

- anothrguitarist