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I'll Be Your Release

you told me that you loved me, it was the first time i felt loved. you told me that you had my back, it was the first time i was ready to fall. and if tomorrow comes and we never speak again, well that's okay, i've said all i have to say. and if tomorrow comes and you don't feel the same i'll feel the same, it wont change thing. cause i know these feelings they are here to stay. cause i love you. for now i'll go stand in the rain. let the drops hit my head. let the thunder hear my pain and let the lightning take it all away. cause i can't be with you even though our love is true and deep. true and blue. last night i had a dream where you came to visit me. we stayed up all night not cause we couldn't sleep. because we didn't want to waste our time together. we talked all night about how we wish these moments could last forever. i wish i could bleed for you. i'll be your release.