Who Needs Lying Backstabbing Friends?

Welcome to the 99 kNives website. This is a site where fags posers, and dyke little bitches can all enjoy looking at pictures of other fags, and bitches. This is 99knives the band that will one day rock the world if they drop their fucking shitty guitarist named TONY MARENA...Anyways, these are the backstabbing assholes discludding Timmy, Justin, and Vincent. But A little about these assholes, Deric has been my friend for five years, then became a little bitch and decided he was in love with Tony and now they are to get married in the fall, Tony has a WHORE OF A GIRLFRIEND named HOLLY in Pennsylvania that I fucked around with over the phone, and he doesn't know that, but when he finds out he's gonna cry like a little bitch. However, I don't think he has the balls to even fight for her, so when she finds the time to break up with his ass I will be dating two girls...and for your information faggot Tony Jennifer does know, because we have both been fucking your g/f!!!! :) YAY FOR ME!!!!!


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