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Welcome to the Yucaipa Low Brass Website. The roster page will be updated [asap]. This is a totaly experimental page with no spell check - sorry ahead of time :).
Here is the complete 2003 low brass lineup. Here you can find out lots of stuff about us, and look at our mugshots. ( coming soon )

There are funny pictures of half the section [at practice] here..

Media - HERE we have a ton of pictures of our elite awesome-ness :) -----> tee hee this picture looks funny all shrunked!


Traditions - Now you too can learn what we mean when we yell out "THE SKY IS BLUE" in the middle of practice, or why we yell "Low Bundy" beofre a game ( go bundettes!).


NEW!!! Pictures from our unique sectionals are available here. If anyone has any other pictures from this year, feel free to send them to me.
pictures here!

Past rosters - here we will have tales of the past OOooooOO

Alumni - here is a list of several low brassers that are no longer here, along with maybe a picture or two.


Weekend nonsense...and fundraiser disasters!


We will admitt it, our football team needs help. However, Low Bundy's own ersonal "makes up music on the fly" guy Pico keeps the stands with some tunes! - Thanks Pico!


The marching band is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet. Q:Why are trombone girls so obsessed with trombone players? A:Trombone players, commonly refered to as "bones" are the ultimate paradox. On the one hand, they don't give a crap, but on the other hand, bones are very careful and precise - often hotties seen at USC... Q: Why is low brass used as an inslut if they're "so cool"? A: Because everyone is jealous of not being low brass :).. and we have Bubba!


Sean( trumpet traitor ;) j/k) and Brooke took a load of pictures and they are available here. You can thank them for their efforts


Check out our links page to find the marching band's page and some links to rival schools marching band websites.


Not only can you find a detailed description of every one of us, but you can see our sectionals too!


You can find the pictures we have available from 2003 here along with some more recent ones.


Did someone say CHEESITS?!

On a not so small side note... thanks insert here...

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Yucaipa Thunderbird Marching Regiment
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