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A mAg ThAT iZ sHoWing WhaT MUsiC iZ AlL aBouT

Tamara is a 14 year old from Ottawa, Canada. So far she has booked time in the studio to record her demo and we at Artists of Now wish her the best of luck with the turn out. Tamara started taking vocals lessons when she was 11 but has been singing all her life, as she says. This is what Tamara said when we asked her why she wants to become a singer:

AON: why do you want to be a singer?
Tamara: haha nice question.I alwayz dreamed of being on stage,matta fact,holding a micrephone was a dream when i was bout 5 years old.I alwayz loved music and because i came from a musical family.I've sang fo as long as i could remember,and thru sum rejections ,i neva gave up on this dream and i will neva!

Fun Facts:
Full Name: Tamara Tarchichi
Age: 14
Sign: sagittarius
Siblings: one brother
Inspirations: Christina aguilera is my all time IDOL,but i love listenin to mariah carey,whitney houston,Debroah cox
Favorite Singers/Rappers: jhené,b2k,eve,beyoncé,50 cent,ashanti,KESHIA CHANTE(mah homie),capital prophets,sean paul and loootts more

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