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Show the baStard Sum reSpect

mEOW*! Welcome 2 the Kelmo fan site!! 4 the few who donít know me, im Kelmo. Sure you may think im a prick to make a fan site 4 myself but meh. Here I post sumthin and you email me ur feedback ( Whether u think im fucked outta my mind, on drugs, or simply telling it as it is....i want ur input. thats rite 4 the first time sum1 actually cares wat u hafta say. Now b4 i go on i gotta say that sum of u mite find me offensive so if ur a jew, mormon, arab or a preteen FUCK OFF! U really donít wanna hear wat i gotta say. ~*~ ToDaYs ToPiC ~*~ Okay, rap truly sucks ass. Every song is just a rip off of another song. ITíS A NO TALENT GIG! Seriously, rappers shud just end my misery and KILL THEMSELVES. Like Ďsing 4 the momentí by enimem. DREAM ON WAS A GOOD SONG. So y the FUCK did slim rip it off? What a pussy. Ppl who like him r oviosly doiní it 4 their image cuz its only REMAKES with a different title. OKAY ppl, nows ur time 2 get a life.....FUCK EMINEM...FUCK HIM UP HIS STUPID ASS

k, i thought i put up sum REAL music 4 the ppl revovering from 'rap addictions' its gunna be okay now, everthing is gunna be just fine

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