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Gore Computers and More

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Gore Computers and More is a family owned computer business that designs, builds, and customizes a broad range of computer products and services for individuals and businesses.

PCs, Notebooks, Handhelds, Workstations, Servers, Gaming Systems, Used Computers


Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs/RW, Memory Stick, Zip Disk, Tape Backup


Cases, Motherboards, Memory, Power Supply, Video Cards, Sound Cards, Modems


Printers, Scanners, Monitors, PC Cameras


Software, Printer Supplies, Computer Disks/CDs/DVDs, Cleaning Supplies, Cables, Accessories


Network Setup, Computer Repair, Custom Computers, Virus Removal and Protection, Cell Phones, Consulting

We will continue to strengthen our reputation as a leading computer business by continuing to deliver high-quality products and after-sales service and technical support.

Let us expand your world. We can custom build a computer for you today!

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