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Febuary 28- Wow, its been forever since i did any updates on this... i guess its been some ruff times for me, but i have writen a new song and its up on the lyrics page. I took some pictures so they should be up soon, so looking forward to that.Also Luke's Art work Page has been updated so check it out!!!! l8r

January 13 - Yeah, i guess you can say i took a break for the past month, but im back and hard at work. NEW news would be that, There is a new Song up "Become Something Im Not". I'll be doing some editting of the pictures pages soon, and hopefully getting a venue ready so we can start raising some money.

In other News. A Place Called Here, Now has a song that you will be able to listen to on PA Hardcore. "A Song For Hunter" You should all go check that out and look at some other great bands on there.

November 18 - still hard at work with the web page i have gotten a chance to add 1 new song, and update the bio's page, luke's info will so be posted. also im working on a fan's page so you will be able to leave us notes. along with us being able to talk to you. keep checking with us. l8r

November 12 - The site is still under major work, so its going to be some time, but i have added Matt to the Bio page, and post 3 of out songs for your viewing. Also i would like to link you all to A Place Called Here's web page that kicks major ass, and there the best band so go there!

October 31 - Wlecome to the Past the Vanishing Point Web sight, its really crappy right now but im going to be putting some time into it and it soon should be ok.. there well be lyrics posted along with bio's and pictures of the members of the band.