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Uncle Dirty


Who is Uncle Dirty??

John Swanson --Lead Vocals
Kevin Howell--Drums/Percussion
Chris Kelly--Rythm and Lead Guitars
Steve Tucker--Bass Guitar
Hal Cobb--Rythm and Lead Guitars

         Well, I know we haven't exactly been keeping you interested in our site, but things are going to change now. "Johnny Bravo" is back with us, and we're coming back stronger than we've ever been. we are currently doing studio work, covers and originals, preparing for the ride of our life!! We will have an all new pics page along with some other cool stuff for your enjoyment. Please keep checking back to find out our scheduled gig dates. Peace and Rock On!!!!!

If you would like to contact Uncle Dirty, please click on the link at the top of this page. Hope you enjoyed the site, see ya next visit!!   :)