LATEST NEWS – 16th May 2007

More updates have taken place in the Gig Listings and Links pages. Reviews will be taking place on EP's and Gigs very soon, so look out for them here or on My Space.

TGM sends its condolences to friends and family of the late Jimmy Henshaw, who died earlier this month. Jimmy Henshaw was guitarist and songwriter for 60's local band, the VIP's, who later became prog rock band Spooky Tooth. As the VIP's, they had a big following in Carlisle & Cumbria, and even played alongside a then newcomer to the music world called Jimi Hendrix. The band are most remembered for their singles "Wintertime", "Don't Keep Shouting At Me" and "I Wanna Be Free".

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TGM is still reviewing EP's and gigs - but at the moment, all those reviews are currently being posted on the TGM My Space page, while we work on the reviews pages. Currently, EP's from Jaca and Cedar Tree have been reviewed, as well as the Bloodhound Gang gig at Sheffield in March. Just go to the My Space page, via the link above, to read them all.

The UK and US Charts (13th to 19th May 2007) are updated. Find out what singles and albums have made the Top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic.

You can read the original transcript of the interview with ctrlaltdelete (now known as mt. - and including original drummer Chris Hewitt) after their performance at Papfest in August 2004 by clicking HERE!

The Top 40 Of the Year page has a new year in it - 2006! You can view the Top 40 of 2006, as well as the other Top 40's from 2000 to 2005 by clicking HERE to see!

Good Charlotte play tonight (16th May), at the Carling Academy, Newcastle

Manic Street Preachers will be performing at the Sands Centre, Carlisle, this Friday (18th May)

Carpathia play the Railway, Dalton-In-Furness, this Friday (18th May), with support from Presoulnation

Nana's Revenge play the Sands, Grange-Over-Sands, this Friday (18th May), with support from And Victory Falls

The Hyperjax play Monroe's Bar, Workington this Saturday (19th May), with support from Straight Jackets, Nasty Ho and Asezawallas

Jusure play the Railway, Dalton-In-Furness, this Saturday (19th May), with support from Black Sanitarium

Amen play the Brickyard, Carlisle, this Sunday (20th May), with support from Hinterland and the Inbreds

Travis play the Carling Academy, Newcastle this Monday (21st May)

Milburn play the Brickyard, Carlisle, on Thursday 24th May, with support from Stars Of Track & Field

Oxbow play the Brickyard, Carlisle, on Friday 25th May, with support from Manatees and Ten Tonne Wasp

The Who play the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, on Friday 25th May

Funeral For A Friend play the Carling Academy, Newcastle, on Friday 25th May

Furness Youth Rocks Against Racism will be hosting live music on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May at the Canteen, Barrow, with music from Down and Out In Vegas, Irrational Behaviour, Torture TV and many more

Seven Seals play the Sands, Grange-Over-Sands, on Saturday 26th May, and then they will play Forum 28, Barrow, on Tuesday 29th May

The Carling Academy, Newcastle will play host to Academy In The UK 2007, on Sunday 27th May, with live music from the Buzzocks, Conflict, Anti Nowhere League, UK Subs, Discharge, Drongos For Europe, Holy Racket and many more

Biffy Clyro play Newcastle University, on Sunday 27th May, with support from Yourcodenameis:Milo

Always Read The Label play the Venue, Dumfries, on Friday 1st June, with support from Reginald

Olly Alcock celebrates 40 years of gigging by playing the Blencowe Village Hall, Blencowe, nr. Penrith (the site of his very first gig) on Saturday 2nd June

Sioux Nation play Monroe's Bar, Workington, on Saturday 2nd June, with support from Splinter and Corruption

Elton John will be playing at Brunton Park, Carlisle, on Sunday 3rd June, with support from the Storys

These are the current EP's/Albums from the following local bands in Cumbria/SW Scotland:

Olly Alcock - "Leaning Towards The Light"
A Weaker Way
- "Hey Kid, You're Fighting A Losing Battle"
The Cardboard Lung
- "Patient Lifted"
Crystal Kicks
- "Crystal Kicks EP"
The Citizen
- "No Standing On Air"
Cedar Tree
- "We're All Robots"
Dirty Angels
- "Flash-A-Go-Go"
- "Follow The Lights"
The F Project
- "Follow The Lights"
- "Relax In The Armchair Of Oblivion"
- "Lasting Impression"
- "We Are Legion"
- "One Night"
Indigo Skins
- "Indigo Skins"
- "Kalpa"
- "Don't Look Up"
Last In Line
- "One For The Neighbours"
Let Airplanes Circle Overhead
- "Let Airplanes Circle Overhead LP"
- "untitled"
Man Bites Dog
- "Finding Smoke EP"
Mister Mañana
- "Memo's and Madness"
Motive Sounds Compilation
(2CD featuring 30 top local bands past and present, including Second To Last, Nush, Anodize, Ctrl Alt Delete, Joey Cohen Riot, Starla, Reluctant To Speak, Synko and MANY MANY more)
mt. - "Lethologica"
- "...Just Couldn't Help Myself"
Oceanfield - "Stolen Time"
- "You Were Everything"
The Psychedelic Underground - "Step Inside"
Recoil - "Unholy Confessor"
Reluctant To Speak
- "J For The Jester With One Too Many Fingers"
Reginald - "A Kind Mans' Slaughter"
Sadie Hawkins Dance - "Drag"
The Scabs - "Gutterscum"
Seven Seals
- "Cell"
- "Lost In Systems EP"
Skunk - "Close To Heaven, Deep In Sin"
Des Slow & The Stop Pills - "Elements"
Stars Of Track & Field
- "Not Here to Shop"
Tauntra - "Stories Set To Sound"
Turbyne - "Eat The Heart Gain The Courage"
Upon Bitter Ground
- "Upon Bitter Ground EP"
The Waves
- "The Waves"
- "Pets On Prozac"