THE VIGIL - "For Adult Use Only"

This CD has been hanging around my collection for some time and I have been meaning to review it - and now I have! The band have been getting good support from many bands in and around Cumbria and critics (with the exception of one!), and are gearing up to record a new album. So this will give you all a chance to get a sneak listen to what you might expect from the album.

It is a two track EP, and the first track is "On My Own". The vocals were surprising to hear, as they are different to what I have heard live! The song has a punk influenced alternative rock sound, but I was more in shock at how much the backing vocals on the CD were a lot different to the live vocals! The second and final track "Deep Inside" starts with Metallica "Nothing Else Matters" like opener, and cranks with a mix of Metallica and hard punk sound, which corresponds with an indie-esque melody chorus. A hell of a mix of genres and sounds in one track! The vocals blended in well with the track, although I was still surprised at how they came out.

I can't understand why they recently got a bad review, because it was a good CD, although I would have like to have seen more than two tracks. The Vigil are continuing to improve live and hopefully the album will prove their doubters wrong. The two track EP has two good songs, and that is it - 8/10!