SHE KILLS - "Two Track Sampler"

The band were very unfamiliar to me until their appearance on the Motive Sounds Compilation. Since then, the band have made a couple of appearances in Carlisle and it has been a wonder as to what the band are able to do. I received a tape from the band, featuring two songs. I wasn't sure what to expect, upon judging the sampler by its cover, but the cover is professionally done, and fits well in a cassette box.

The first track "Choose Your Weapon" signifies the band's music - of raw gritty grunge rock, which mixes Smashing pumpkins and some of the early punk bands like the Pistols. It is a very get going track, which is suited well on an EP of any kind. The instruments come out very well, and even on a cassette, the quality that is meant to be on the sampler is present, especially in this song. The second and closing track on the other side of the tape "I Can't Drive" starts with a very different sound, going ballad-esque, resembling something that Marillion did during the Fish days. But then grunge power returns, and doesn't dampen or piss on what they started with on the track. And parts of the song had riffs, which made me think of "Heroes" by David Bowie for some strange reason. It has a mid 1980's feel which rocketed into today's world by one single chord!

It is a shame it didn't stretch to three, four or even five tracks, because the sampler has two VERY strong tracks, and even that amount can give you an idea of what to expect from the band. They will be playing in June with Verra Cruz, so I'd advise to go and see them. If you're still unsure, listen to this sampler and you'll reconsider - 9/10!