RELUCTANT TO SPEAK - "Two Iced Waters With Ice" (EP)

This band is quickly becoming one of Cumbria's top local bands. They have wowed music lovers from Carlisle to wherever else in the county, with their blend of emo-core-like metal. And what a perfect choice they were to co-support the Funeral For A Friend gig in July 2003. They have just released a new 4 track EP (October 2003) and are selling them at their gigs. So how will the local boys sound on a compact disc?

The 15 minute long EP kicks off with "Song For The Most Of You", a well driven hard emo sound, which kicks off the EP well. What I liked about it was I got to hear the song in a crisp studio sound, which doesn't kill the mood of the heavy sound they are known for. Plus the switch to a mellow ending made it a very good track. "Pedro's Payroll" continues the sound that developed from the last track; this time going for what one can assume is like System Of A Down, especially the vocalist sounding like a cross between ex-Marillion frontman, Fish, and SOAD's vocalist, Serj Tankian. "All Your Yesterdays" captures what RTS sound like live perfectly. Take Muse and speed it up - this is the result. It is great that the studio retain the raw energy that RTS have at live gigs. Another bit in this song I liked was slipping in a 5 second jazzy/blues riff. And "I Made The Film" finishes where the preceding track left off, with the capturing of the live sound. In this closing track, they choose a good song, which includes a slow mellow emo section, which shows the song has emo, thrash, metal and anything else mixed in.

You must get this CD, even if your life depends on it! It doesn't take chunks from RTS in any way at all. Everything you hear is what they sound like live. They are a must see live band in Cumbria - and this CD is a must have local EP to get a copy of - 9.5/10!