THE PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND- "Psychedelic Underground"

Alex Langfield (aka the Psychedelic Underground) sent me his EP and asked me to see him perform at the Brickyard a month ago. But because of exam revision and assignments, that was impossible. But I finally got to see him at the Queensberry Steakhouse in Annan a few days ago, and was impressed with his live performance. With this seven track EP, it is a question of wondering what the Psychedelic underground sounds like in a studio and CD.

"Intro For" is pretty much the intro to the CD, with a minute long effect, with a few added affects to make the original effect different. The EP kicks into things with "Ever", which has a lot of Chemical Brothers influences, which has a blend of dance beats and a small piano riff. It is a very dark dance track, with Alex's own haunting vocals added to the mix. This track does set the mood for the EP, which continues with "This Would Be Us", which has an industrial techno feel and dips into Aphex Twin territory with influential sounds. "Sweet Dreams" has the chill out feel, but retains the dark dance beats, with vocals from Alex. It seems to have a keyboard like tune, which can be heard on a children's TV thriller show. The fifth track "Saved" has a Chemical Brothers vibe, with a catchy bass line, and has the industrial sound as well. Track six "Shine" has a very morning style flavour, with another chill out feel, with another bass line and Alex letting his vocals shine (no pun intended). The track does enter with its regular dance beats, although it would have been different to hear a chill out track from Psychedelic Underground. The EP ends with "You're So", which starts a hell of a lot different to the others - with a piano! In fact, the track ends the EP on a haunting piano track, with extra haunting vocals from Alex. I did ask for a chill out track or something different from the last track, but I wasn't expecting this.

With many local bands based around punk, ska, rock, indie, emo and metal, this is a welcome of all sorts for the likes of those who wish to listen to something very different. And very different in the sense of both geographically and musically too, particularly for those who are or are not familiar with Chemical Brothers or Aphex Twin. Live is a different animal compared to the EP, but both still produce the same result - excellent! - 9/10!