NUSH - "6 Track EP"

It's been a while since my last review. I'm back with a vengeance and today I am reviewing a local CD. And it's not Opiate! After wowing Livestock II with their raw, metal power, Nush bring us their 6 Track EP (although the CD says 5, but I know which is which!) I had a lot of expectations in thinking what this would be like when vocalist Dave came into Pink Panther with the CDs. After Livestock, I had thoughts of powerful metal sound to come from the EP.

The first track "Intro" is pretty much what the title says. A one minute intro of metal to get us started. I think that this is where the break into the next song takes place (even though the disc is still on Track 1). "Condemned" is where we really see the band in full effect. But I felt that there were small snippets where they weren't ready for each other to come in, although they somehow quickly cover their tracks. The same could be said for my fave track on the EP "Screams Of Conflict", but not as much and this is where I started to get impressed with the guitar skills of Dan. At times it felt like I was, dare I say it, hearing Zakk "Guitar God" Wylde!

The last three tracks did not see any stumbles, and gave me a very good reason to not stop the CD. The production was pretty good. Normally I can't hear guitars very well on music like this because of the drums, but this was good to listen to, as now I know what some of the songs they played at Livestock really sound like. They will be headlining the next All Ages in June and just like the CD, I'm sure they will not disappoint! - 8/10