14th August 2004

Just 24 hours after Aynsley Lister, I returned to the Brickyard for a CD Lunch night. Who would have thought that it was just under a year since the release of the debut EP from Reluctant To Speak? The "Two Iced Waters With Ice" EP has received great reviews from Tough Guy's Music and Motive Sounds, and many within the RTS Camp have said that the new EP "J For The Jesters With One Too Many Fingers" is a lot heavier and better than the first. Course, I bought my copy, but first I'd have to hear them live first!

The Pearson twins' brother Ollie's band took to the stage first. The Carlisle/Lancaster band started the live music with a mix of thrash and heavy metal. But while they did get a good response, the vocals from Ollie had lots of shouting and screaming. Those in the crowd got some entertainment from the RTS crew, as their friend did a lot of operatic vocals, which got a very good response by the RTS crew and those around them. What some people will need for this band is a good taste in their music and a LOT of patience. I like their music, but the songs did stretch out a lot. And this was mainly the last few songs on the set. A good set, but it did looked to be dragged out - 8/10!

Time for the headliners! Reluctant To Speak took to the stage to round up the music, with a new short haired drummer Liam! I was surprised to see the lock gone, but not surprised at the music - post-core thrash emo metal! The band ripped into the new material on their new EP, like "Dry Concrete Pulls Out My Leg Hair", "Escape To "Tampico" and "Frey Bentos", as well as songs from their first EP, including "All Your Yesterdays" and "Pedro's Payroll". But one thing did hurt the set a lot - and it was the problems of guitarist Adam's guitar. Despite trying during another set, he had to stop playing and get one of the Ulcat Row posse to lend their guitar. It did last some time, but it did lose the momentum of the set. But they still pulled a good set out - 8/10!

Good night of music - RTS played well, but their guitar problem did hurt the set, and Ulcat Row also played good, tot he delight of the crowd. The next gig is the Papfest on 25th August.

Until then...