AYNSLEY LISTER @ Brickyard, Carlisle

13th August 2004

Another "unlucky" day of the year, although I've been to a lot of gigs on many Friday 13th in the last two years and with the exception of one, all of them have been good. And the amount of good comments and reviews about Aynsley Lister from magazines, websites, other people and promoters can give you the impression that this would be a very good gig. Well, I failed to see him on several appearance, including his first and recent gig at the Brickyard, so this was a golden opportunity to see if what I've been told about this guitarist is true. But what I didn't like about the gig was obvious, even before Aynsley Lister and his band came on to play - they were the only act playing - AGAIN! The turnout was gradually building, and if you appear before 10pm you would be miffed if there wasn't a support band on, even if it was only one!

As the only band on, it's time for the headliners! Aynsley Lister took to the stage, with a few in the crowd showing their impatience at there being no live music. The mix of alternative rock and blues music started with "Balls Of Steel". And from the get go, you got to see the incredible talent of a guitarist the age of Aynsley Lister, as he plays like he has played all of his life and even further beyond that. The band played some of their own songs, like "Snake", as well as their version of "Take Me To The River". The crowd really enjoyed listening to this leash of blues music, with the exception of one blues fan who wanted to hear traditional blues, which is what Aynsley did - much to the discovery that the blues fan disappeared before it played! Aynsley and the rest of the band came back on for an encore, with their version of Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic". They performed really well, and have lived up to the hype that was built up - 9/10!

Very good, but again my thoughts are that even if one band was supporting that would be better for those who were there longer than others. Tomorrow night is the launch of the brand new EP from Reluctant To Speak.

Until then...