RELUCTANT TO SPEAK @ The Vestry, Sunderland

22nd July 2004

Well we've given Stevo a break as we venture back to our student days in Sunderland to bring you a special guest review of those crazy mathcore kids we call Reluctant so Speak at a small city centre pub venue called the Vestry. We arrived as the doors opened to find literally no one else there except the other two bands, however we passed the overly long soundchecks by drinking heavily.

Over an hour after the doors opened and still virtually no crowd the first band whose name escapes us took to the stage, we think... Their set was around 30mins but they managed to perform 4 songs due to technical faults all the way through. Musically they were very Finchesque and heavy post-hardcore, but to sum them up in one word - unprofessional. Oh, at this time Id like to point out during their set the RTS lads (minus ollie) kept the old faithful and co entertained by doing a routine of Peter Kay impressions with our favourites being Adam's impression of a car headlight accompanied by amusing voice throwning...

Anyway at 10pm (2hrs after doors opened) RTS took to the stage and opened up with the brutal All Your Yesterdays, the pit was although small was VERY violent with regular interventions by various members of the band. They showcased the entire debut ep and alot of songs from the new cd they were recording including a personal favourite "Fray Bentos". The sound was average however the vocals were very quiet, infact we could hear the screams from the singer and not the speaker! They performed a shorter set than usual (30mins) but because of this there was no let up in the pace, they were ferocious, melodic and loud and all pulled off with military precision.

The finale was an unknown track that kept accelerating and all the RTS members (except Liam obviously) joined in the now raging moshpit the place was going nuts with everyone screaming and jumping like nutters as well as some very impressive karate dancing! Oh and Edge's bass guitar smacked my mates nose :)

Well after over 30mins and many stiff necks, sore noses and in one case a buggered leg and foot, the house lights came on and we all had to move on, in our case to a rock night. However the main band weren't too impressed as they didnt get to play...

Adam & Jamie Tickner!