RELUCTANT TO SPEAK @ Brickyard, Carlisle

2nd June 2004

In aid of charity, the Brickyard hosted another charity gig for SCOPE. But this felt the blow of the crappy turnouts when the night started, which filed up as the night went on, but decreased as the night ended. Maybe it was advertising, maybe it was the line up or maybe that people just want to drink and bugger off! Whatever, those who stayed were in it for the music.

Trinket Box were part of the line up in the infamous Annan All Ages gig from last Saturday. Those who went to Bob Hollis' house were lucky enough to hear them. For me, I finally got to see these guys at a much reduced price from Annan. This was also a landmark gig for the Annan crew, as this was their first English gig! They started the music off with their dark punk music, playing some of their songs from their EP, including "Black Ice" and "Digging Up The Past". The band have begun to build confidence on stage, noted by those in the RTS camp. But the vocals from both James and Michael were not as strong as they should have been, especially after listening to their EP. They got a small response from the small crowd, which was actually three of the Annan crew in attendance. It was a lot better than the Annan gig from 21st May, but Trinket Box still have a long way to go - 7.5/10!

When I saw a woman going on to the stage with an acoustic guitar, I wasn't actually sure who she was, as the line up didn't have a soloist. Later on in the set, I was informed that this woman is part of Stereo Coalition who were indeed advertised to play. But the drummer suffered an asthma attack, and could not play. So it was an acoustic solo set for tonight. And the music was very well played, with mostly folk and jazz like songs, showing a mix of Katie Melua with Norah Jones. She had great vocals for this style of music, which even saw a cover of a Jeff Buckley song and Nina Simone's "Feeling Good". She got a BIG response, which even saw her mate coming on for extra vocals and two encores at the request of the crowd. It was some very different for the Brickyard and even the hard rock stars of Trinket Box and RTS showed their appreciation and love for the set - 8.5/10!

This is what you can call the college band. And my fondness for these particular bands are non-existent. They even had a group huddle before going on stage, but I felt it would not help at all. Then they played a range of indie and Britpop music, mixing the range of the past (Oasis) with the present (Keane). After just two songs I was completely bored, watching Edge and Liam from RTS playing with drum sticks and making new beats to the music. By halfway, it did not change for the better and knew if the next song was going to go the same style as the last few, the set was doomed - and indeed I was correct. They can play well, don't get me wrong, but at the end of the day, it is a style of music that has been hammered down by every established indie band then and now - 6.5/10!

Time for the headliners! The music was not over, but for many of the turnout the night was. The Pearson twins showed their displeasure of the disappearing turnout, especially Jamie who let it ALL out in one big rant! Anyway, they played their set to many of those still left, who were at the front by this point, with their emo post-core thrash metal style of music. Watching them here made me remember watching them eleven months ago at the same place supporting some upcoming Welsh band called Funeral For A Friend. They played some new songs, including their slow number, which has become a popular live track. But they also played their songs from their EP, including "All Your Yesterdays". The joke of the set was that every single song on the set was dedicated to the same person. It should also be pointed out that Jamie was suffering from a bad throat. But he had a remedy to help combat it, which included hot water and whiskey! Bad throat aside, it was a solid set, with lots of good bass work from Edge and lots of spitting from Jamie! - 8/10!

OK night of music, but the lack of crowd at the beginning and the end was disappointing, especially when RTS took to the stage. Trinket Box are still a band that are developing their live performances, while I am eager to find out what the full Stereo Coalition sound like. Friday night is Biffy Clyro night, so expect a big turnout for that one - and a review from me too!

Until then...