ONE BIG MONDAY @ St. Paul's Church, Carlisle

5th April 2004

A free all day event with workshops for kids to learn all kinds of music activities and six bands performing in the evening - that that sure is One Big Monday! The event was organised by the Carlisle Youth Panel, and with support from the city council, and set up the event for kids between 12-19. In the afternoon, workshops were opened for DJing, music writing and art and dance. I arrived for the live music and I felt that would be where the attendance would be higher - and indeed I was correct, as throughout the night, the turnout was very good - and it gave the youngsters a chance to hear some of the top local acts in the area.

The guys from north of the border started the evening of music, and I was wondering how the stain glass windows would cope with the sound that the bands would play - and there were some heavier bands to come. They opened the set with their blend of alternative prog rock music, which got the crowd's attention. The responses were good for many of their songs, including their Motive Sounds compilation track "White Boxes". A good set, but they have played better - 8/10!

I admit I didn't know anything about this band when I was waiting for them to go on stage. Then when they introduced themselves, it clicked! The Music Vision Project are a personal development project, set up to help people with disabilities interact through music, and the music is written and performed by people with disabilities like impaired sight, impaired hearing, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. They had recently been on Border TV and BBC Look North about who they are and that they have recorded a CD. The band were without their drummer, who was away. The set had different kinds of music genres, so it is difficult to say which one it is, which is good in a way. The music sounded well written and performed well. They played songs from their CD, which is available to buy through the Action For Blind People organisation. It was a short set - and I felt it would have continued to pick up, but still a very good set and band - 8.5/10!

Some of the people that were at the Mayhem gig in Annan a few weeks back were in attendance and most will have not heard A New Design perform. And if you want to know why, you'll have to read that review to see, as it brought up bad images when Steve of Tauntra was telling someone about it! The trio cracked into their set with their mix of indie and Vines like rock sound. They finally got the response they should have got at Mayhem (well the response that was meant to be for them!). They played a strong set, which included their contribution to the Motive Sounds compilation "Nothing Is Real", and I'm sure they left the night satisfied with it all! - 8/10!

Now I am able to hear the REAL Blastula! Their situation with their ex-drummer caused a disappointing set at the February All Ages gig, and had to pull out of the Not Just An Average Metal Night gig! But now with their new drummer they were ready to show the crowd, which got bigger for obvious reasons, what Blastula are meant to sound like. And they did, with plenty of dark death metal sound, which was ironic, as they were playing in a religious church - and they are performing evil music! They encouraged some moshing to take place and indeed there was, with many of the organisers looking on in disbelief at what was going on - no doubt they probably don't know what moshing is. They got a loud response, and at the end of it all, it was a hell of a lot better than the All Ages set. - 8.5/10!

The four piece from Annan took to the stage, as the sky was getting darker and the only lights in the venue came from the visual lights on stage! The crowd were buzzing from the last act, but then they were buzzing a lot more when Tauntra cranked into their alternative ska and punk music, which got some skanking taking place on the front. They played a new song, as well as tracks from their EP, including "Maybe In The Morning" and "Glass Bottles And Plastic Smiles". They got the crowd alive and got a big response in return. Best set they've performed to date - 9/10!

Time for the headliners! Not that many people hung around to see the instrumental trio, but those who did were treated to their mix of alternative rock, fuzz and indie elements. They had a sample introduction played, which was a lot better than Ketamine's efforts nearly a year ago. The excitement of playing in a church must have got drummer Chris so excited he dropped one of his drum sticks! But this little minor hitch didn't even make a scratch to the energy on stage, and with their songs, which included a new song, "Anger Management" from their EP and "Content In The Knowledge That I'll Never See You Again" from their EP and their contribution to Motive Sounds' 30 track compilation. Despite the small amount of people, they got a very good response, and even played an encore, to the demand of the crowd. Like Tauntra, this was their best gig to date! - 9/10!

Great evening of music - and St. Paul's Church is a very good music venue. ctrlaltdelete and Tauntra have pushed themselves and the results were excellent - and no doubt new fans will have been made. Blastula finally showed who they are and what they are - something that was missing over a month ago. And after hearing their set, I'm sure the Music Vision Project have put a lot of sweat into the CD, and hopefully it will pay off. I'll be off to watch Lancaster's Ulcat Row, who will be returning to Carlisle this Saturday, and will have the Reluctant To Speak crew and Nush performing.

Until then...