NOT SO AVERAGE METAL NIGHT @ Brickyard, Carlisle

21st February 2004

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Yes, the Brickyard has gone all dark and allowed three twisted metal bands to perform on their stage. The turnout was good - and yes I did say three bands. The fourth band, Blastula, pulled out. Yep, the drummer problem. So we would witness our own version of England vs. Scotland, with the advantage going to Scotland. But this isn't a Six Nations game at all!

The first of the two bands from Glasgow took to the stage to start the night of metal. Before they even hit their first riff, a very noticeable instrument appeared which is actually what is played in the band - a trumpet! But while they playing a blend of heavy metal sounds that could take you back to the Metallica days of the 80's (with a trumpet!), the Blastula team played their visual, featuring MANY gory horror movie scenes, which can make those who have seen them all squirm. You had to see it to know what I mean - and I'll not describe it. But as for the band, they had a strange sound coming from the trumpet, which would make those who weren't watching the band think it wasn't even a sound coming from a trumpet. The frontman seemed to try and get the crowd going, but only a few stood at the front and didn't start a mosh pit at all. Compared to the other bands, they were the slowest of the three, but still a good opening band. And to all those with unsteady stomachs, the visual ended there! - 8/10!

The first band didn't create a mosh pit in anyway shape or form. But when you have Nush playing, you are guaranteed a mosh pit and more! The locals showed the Scots how they do things south of the border with a highly charge set full of speed metal, getting the crowd to do mosh pits in every song, such as "Personal Fade Out", their version of "Raining Blood", their track on the Motive Sounds compilation "Part Five" and "Reality", which saw Reluctant To Speak vocalist Jamie sing part of the chorus. The mosh pits tend to have a casualty - and especially when one had to go to hospital, with a suspected broken ankle! They prepared the crowd very well for what would be unleashed next - 9/10!

Time for dead - er, I mean time for the headliners! The second band from Glasgow took to the stage and when you heard the gravely voice of the vocalist, you knew they were about to wipe the floor clean - and they nearly did with their supercharged heavy death and grind metal sound. It managed to get the crowd going again with mosh pits, as well as make some of the Nush guys and their followers having a WTF look on their faces. The vocalist uses a great range of vocals whether it's screaming or growling down the mic. They have a debut album coming out - and I'm sure it is one that many in attendance will no doubt want to get a copy of - 9/10!

Very good night of metal! Nush continue their push for dominance and Man Must Die left those in attendance stunned and hungry for more! More gigs are on the review calendar for me.

Until then...