MOTIVE SOUNDS CD LAUNCH @ Brickyard, Carlisle

19th December 2003

When you think of the last Friday before Christmas, you think of one thing - Black Eyed Friday. But for many local music lovers, Friday was the day of the release of the long awaited Motive Sounds compilation CD. 2 CD's featuring 30 local acts, including a few no longer in existence. And what a better way to launch it than a night of live music at the Brickyard. A BIG turnout at the Yard, and more of a friendlier place to be on Black Eyed Friday.

Going into the gig, this would the only band I never heard. But there was a very significant key missing in the lineup - their drummer. But the remaining two members went ahead and performed for the crowd. When I turn to watch them, I thought they were still tuning up. But it turned out to be the first song! The songs played did expose the lack of drums a lot. It didn't help matters with feedback creeping it at times. The fact the songs didn't gel with what the band wanted it to sound like, did hurt the set. They did get a good response, but at the end of the day the absence of the drummer let them down - 6.5/10!

I would the next band would show Cumbrian music at its best - because it was Chapel Ten! They have improved a hell of a lot over the last few months and deserve to be in the Motive Sounds Compilation. They started off the set with their brand of rock style music that can appeal to anyone, whether you are into the metal or the old classic rock sounds. They got a good response from the crowd - and why not? They played some good songs including "Sense Of Touch", "Awake" and the track on the Motive Sounds Compilation, "Guru". They got the crowd alive with their set. And have progressed into a very good live act - 8.5/10!

Time for the headliners! The amount of interest this band has had in Cumbria is amazing. Many reviewers have given more than their own two thumbs up! The last time I got to see the LACO team was two months ago, with Reluctant To Speak and Cornerstone. That was as the opening act, now they end the CD Launch as the headliners. They stated with their opener with their female violinist, which had some what of a hypnotic feel to it. Maybe it was the violin who knows. But she left after that song, and the trio continued with their blend of very alternative indie sound that does separate them from a lot of bands in Carlisle. They also played their track from the Motive Sounds compilation "Two Spent Swimmers". They got a good response - and are improving their live set! Maybe 2004 could be the year of Let Airplanes Circle Overhead! - 7.5/10!

Good night. Good crowd - and good CD. As for the bands, Chapel Ten should have headlined, but Let Airplanes Circle Overhead did a good job anyway. My Last Act Of Bravado had a drummer missing, and it wasn't just seeing them performing that it was noticeable. No more gigs to review this year, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And I'll see you in 2004!

Until then...