HEADCASE @ Brickyard, Carlisle

6th December 2003

A night of music, which is seeing less music than it should be! What do I mean, I hear you cry. Four bands were originally slated to play at the Brickyard, but Anodize pulled out and so did My Last Act Of Bravado. So now there were two - and it looked more like a good choice of bands, with the same genre of music. The turnout was satisfactory, but bands who play at the Yard will be used to it.

The band north of the border who wowed the crowd at Livestock took to the stage as the one and only support act of the night. Their mix of punk, ska and alternative rock were blended in well in their set, delighting the majority of the crowd. If those there were wondering who the strange fifth person was on stage, armed with a camera, it is Peter Parker/Spiderman wannabe, Bob from EFF Sex. I'm sure he had no problem getting himself a Mary Jane that night. The set was not as spine tinkling as Livestock, but was still good to warm the crowd up - 7.5/10!

Zeit für die Schlagzeile Tat! Sorry, I mean, Time for the headliners! As you can tell I said my usual phrase in German, and you'd probably worked out that the headliners are from Germany. They definitely spoke very good English; you probably wouldn't tell if no one told you where they were from. They played a mix of punk sounds, which delighted the crowd that night. The response was very good, despite the turnout. Peter Par...I mean Bob continued his photography job by snapping some shots of the Germans. Good set, good sound and they did delight the crowd - 7.5/10!

OK night. Tauntra continue their string of gigs, while Headcase looked like they made some English fans in the process. Bob will be turning in his camera for a mic this time, as his band, EFF Sex take to the stage this Thursday, with NameSake and Starla.

Until then...