THE KITES @ Brickyard, Carlisle

2nd December 2003

My Tuesday night saw another fun filled trip to the Brickyard. A small turnout at the yard saw many seats available, including a new yellow mat!! With the headliners already played the Front Page last Friday, how will have that warm up gig helped with this gig?

This is the band that comprise of two Tauntra members. What we saw is something that not many people who think was a band destined for the top of the world. What we did see was Rage Against The Machine meets Guttermouth, especially with their tongue-in-cheek attitude and with song about having sex with someone's parents and pretty gay men (and that's saying them both politely), you can see why the Sex part of their name isn't a catchy name with no meaning to it. Overall, it was not bad and you can see why some people like this kind of er...attitude! - 7.5/10!

Time for the headliners! And back into reality we go, as Jude and company took to the stage for all things 60- like sounds, from the psychedelic "Imaginary Friend", the blues-esque "O", the laid back "My Life" and the feel good dance along "Feel The Rain". They were met with a good response from the crowd, which was an improvement from the Front Page a few nights ago. They debut a new song, which was met well with the crowd that night. They did a good set again, and no doubt the crowd enjoyed it. - 8/10!

Pretty good night, with two different styles of music. The Kites played to their hearts' content, while EFF Sex was...playing! Half of EFF Sex will be playing in a few days time with the German band, Headcase at the Yard.

Until then...