SERF @ Brickyard, Carlisle

24th October 2003

In what I thought was a normal going out, have a couple of drinks and watched a few bands night, turned into a night out with the guys from Nush. Lots of chatting, pool playing and zipping and zapping took place, with large consumptions of vodka (don't worry guys, I didn't choke to death!) But there were also three acts playing at the Brickyard for a moderately OK turnout.

Headliners of the last All Ages, now opening act of the night's music. However, it felt like it was a very unorganised and quick set. As it turned out, they went on later than expected and only had time for four songs. Even the frontman was having problems hearing himself! But they managed to play somewhat of a good set, with their punk like sound, which definitely suited the Brickyard crowd. They wanted to play more, but time was up and I felt that if a few more songs were played, then I would have seen then get a better reaction, although they did get a good response. Still, they did play a version of "Sultans Of Swing"! - 7/10!

Another night of music and another douse of Dunno! Upon noticing on the stage, their keyboardist was not there. Afterwards, Dunno explained that the keyboardist couldn't make it and we might not see Dunno live for the rest of the year. But they wowed the crowd with their usual antics and musical flavours, including "Witch", "In Spite", "Ride" and of course, "Something's Bothering Me", which got some of the crowd to have a little boogie! Then Dunno ended the set with two covers - the first was an unexpected version of "It Must Be Love" and of course, "Reward". Dunno has not lost a beat since the Civic Hall gig with the Bandits and even the Cosmic Rough Riders gig in June. A local favourite you must see live! - 8.5/10!

Time for the headliners! I didn't know if I had been transported back to the 80's, when seeing the mullet of the lead singer! Mullet power in force, Serf blended the styles of rock 'n' roll and indie rock and gave us a set to marvel at. They played many songs, including "Watch The World Go By". And they came for an encore, which got some of the crowd, including Dunno, to dance the night away! They were a good choice to side with the Loop Of Sound and the Virgil (according to the lead singer!!) and they ended a good round of music. - 8/10!

Very good night, with the right blend of music in one. Dunno was fantastic, as usual and Serf got the appreciation of the crowd with their set. Vigil could have had the crowd in the palm of their hand - if only they got more time! This Sunday will see the Lockjaw gig that was cancelled at the Brickyard take place at the Student Guild on Abbey Street, Carlisle.

Until then...