CHAPEL TEN @ Brickyard, Carlisle

1st October 2003

What do get if you mix a free student entry, cheap booze, three bands and a very large amount of fresher students? You get the biggest turnout since Funeral For A Friend! With the Wheel closed to get tarted up, this is a good way to get students into their domain, especially with the cheap alcohol, location and live music. We had a half hour slot of games for the fresher students at the Cumbria Art College, where it was decided by a bunch of games that the boys are the superior sex! After this, we went straight into the three bands.

PLEASE NOTE - I am a tight arse when it comes to reviews. But to make things a little different, in this review I will give two different marks for each band - the first mark will be my thoughts and overall mark on them, while the second mark (which will be in brackets, like this) will be based on the freshers, because it was a hell of a night for them.

This band come from Glasgow, Scotland and opened up the night of music. They played a very indie sound, which sounded like new indie band, Longview. They must have wanted this set to go well, as they were checking if they sounded good. The freshers agreed and the Scots continued the set, without any doubts. They were a chatty bunch, which got the crowd to join in. They got a very good response for each song. It wasn't an indie sound that slapped me in the face, but good enough for students - 7.5/10! (Freshers - 8.5/10!)

I believe this was their first gig, or one of. A big test, playing for a packed crowd of regulars, music lovers and freshers - and me! They played a punk rock sound, which went down well for the crowd. They seemed to like these guys more than the first band. They looked good, BUT some vocals did not sound right in various songs, going all emo on punk rock songs. And catching the Second To Last bug, as they had guitar problems. After jamming while waiting for a replacement, they had to play without a replacement, as a bass appeared as the replacement. But they got one and finished with a sin to nature - a punk version of "The One And Only"! It was not bad, but the vocalist didn't seem to put an effort into it. The freshers loved them - but I felt it was not bad, but the guitar problem did let them down - 7/10! (Freshers - 9/10!)

Time for the headliners! Some freshers started to leave, but many stayed to see what Chapel Ten could do. While freshers were still in attendance, many of Chapel Ten's cult followers made their way to the front. The sound from the amps didn't like to play some of Chapel Ten's alternative rock sounds, especially at the beginning. But they cracked on and the sound improved. Frontman Andy produced good vocals, which was very noticeable in the set. They even had their own bartender, giving each member drinks whilst they were performing. They blew the support acts away, but the freshers didn't have the same thoughts as I did, with this set. Best one to date - 8.5/10! (Freshers - 8/10!)

For the freshers, it was the best night of their lives! For me, it was a pretty good night. The night showed that the Brickyard IS the venue for students. The Thrones and Names Sakes showed they can be perfect student bands, but show potential to go further, and Chapel Ten just improve. We will be on the live music front next week.

Until then...